Product Review: Macy's Fashion Show with special guest Emme

Recently I got invited to a Plus Size Fashion Show with guest host Supermodel Emme at the Columbus Macy's. I've never been to a fashion show and I've only been to Columbus a couple of times - so I was pretty psyched! (I was compensated to do some social media for the event - but the excitement was au natural!)

Since I got there early - I actually got to head backstage and meet Emme! Emme is an author, speaker and one of the first plus-sized supermodels! We chatted about so many interesting things - especially the modeling industry and how size factors into it. She has a great POV and such a calm and soothing head on her shoulders. We all LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lane Bryant "I'm No Angel" campaign going on. Love it!

Then it was time for the Fashion Show!

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Emme was a great host - she travels around the country with the models and stylists to take these super cute plus-sized fashions to the people. This model was actually from Cincinnati so she had some other Cincinnati fans cheering her on!

The outfits were super cute. They were all size 12+ - so some of them I could wear (in the middle) and some - not so much - but that's ok. It was really great to see new looks that I wouldn't normally have thought of. The graphic tee under the jacket is super cute. The middle outfit is how I feel like I should be dressing as a 40+ year old professional in the big bad world of advertising - but alas - I'm a jeans and flip flops girl...

Um - and besides the clothes - the shoes were FIERCE! It was funny as Emme kept saying "booties" - new booties, cute booties, sexy booties - it was bootie-licious!

These were my favorite outfits - that dress on the left - in love (not in my size) and the one on the right - super cute!!! And who is that model on the left? Why it's Cincinnati's own Liz from! She got to walk her first runway - pretty cool! That dress was super cute too.
After the show some of the personal shoppers at Macy's (um yeah - they have personal shoppers and it's a free service) were helping folks. I had someone helping me - who I thought was a personal shopper - turned out - she was a celebrity stylist!!! What???? I have to admit - it was pretty great having Michelle help me. She picked out outfits and clothing that I would never have chosen. I know the next time I need an outfit for something - I'm going to make an appointment with a Macy's Personal Shopper and get some help!

Here's an outfit from the show and then my version on the right. I got the same bomber jacket (so much cheaper now!) and then had my own graphic t-shirt underneath and paired with some jeggings. Yes - I just bought jeggings. Oh my - the day has come. I don't look as cute as the model - but I like the outfit a lot.

I tried some of the pants similar to the models - but they weren't right for my shape. Here's a very similar pair to hers - they're great on her.

I also found a super cute top - they call it a dress but it's far too short for a dress for me. But over jeggings - I love it. I'm working on my smizing and modeling poses. I call this Dumpster Chic.

All in all - the fashion show was really fun and the experience with the celebrity stylist was great! It definitely opened my eyes about the cute stuff that the plus-size department at Macy's has to offer!

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