Restaurant Review: Siam Orchid Thai, Bellevue KY

My coworker and I were exploring Bellevue & Dayton KY and tried to go to Buona Vita Pizzeria but unfortunately - it wasn't open for lunch! So there we were driving along - starving - with nowhere to go! 

Luckily for us - we came across Siam Orchid - there was a parking spot right out front which sold us. And lucky for us - Dawn likes Chinese food. Now this says Thai but every Thai place in Cincinnati has Chinese food.

Inside - it's very bright! It's the yellow of my old truck - SO BRIGHT! There are two rooms and you just seat yourself.

Our lunches came with an eggroll. It was fine - nothing out of the ordinary but tasty and a good bite before lunch.

I got the Chicken Pad Thai ($9.95) - it was REALLY good. I'm not actually that big a fan of pad thai normally but for some reason it sounded good and it was.  I love those flat noodles, the scrambled eggs were great and the chicken was moist. The peanuts added a nice crunch. If you've never had Pad Thai - you should try it out. There's a bit of a sweetness in the taste of the sauce - so it's sweet & crunchy and chickeny (is that a word?). Loved it

Dawn got the pineapple & shrimp fried rice ($11.95) which made me super jealous once it came out. Thankfully she's a wonderful person and gave me a bite. It was really good - the shrimp were really large and butterflied. You know how most times the shrimps are the minuscule tiny ones - but these were BIG! 

Why Should You Go? Service was a little slow but they had a very large party out front. Those women were eating cake - I really wanted cake. :-( But - instead of cake - I had good food and that I can handle. We were both happy with it and would definitely go back!  

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