Restaurant Review: Twisted Sister Cafe - Bellevue, KY

We're always looking for new places to go to lunch in the NKY area - I was on Urbanspoon looking around and came across Twisted Sister Cafe in Bellevue. It's on the main drag near all the shops. 

You can't miss the pretzel hanging out front!

Here's a glimpse at their menu - when you go in - have a seat and the owner will bring you a sheet to mark your order. You can also view the menu here. It's a small menu - the soup was gone for the day - but the prices are good.

The place is adorable - very Grandma sheik - there are unique salt & pepper shakers with plastic tumblers & plastic tablecloths. I got lemonade - it just felt like the thing to do - with my little puppy and fire hydrant shakers.

Dawn got the Jalapeno Cheddar pretzel with chicken salad ($8). This thing is GINORMOUS!!!!! I cannot communicate with words the size of this pretzel! You can get a half sandwich but Dawn didn't realize how giant this was. She said it had a bite to it but wasn't crazy spicy.

I got the full size Salted Pretzel with Chicken Salad. It was REALLY good. This was a great sandwich - the pretzel was soft and the top was buttery and salty - with the chunky salt - so delish! The chicken salad was pretty good - it was just simple chicken, celery & mayo - which I like. I hate when they put apples and grapes and nuts - just give me chicken please.

Susie went for the Box Lunch Half ($5) which had a half sandwich, chips and dessert knot. The half sandwich isn't really "half" - it's just a smaller pretzel. The was also happy with her sandwich and was very full with this smaller size.

I forgot to take a picture of our dessert knots (how did that happen). They were good - I had to take mine back to work because we were stuffed but it made for a nice afternoon treat.

Why Should You Go? The food is great - it's simple and a small menu but it's tasty and fresh. But...the service - almost horrible. The server/owner is very very sweet - but it was SLOOOOOOOOOW! Twice we saw people come in and leave because they weren't getting served. It took probably 10 minutes to get our menu, 15 minutes for them to take our order, probably 20 minutes to get our food and then once we were finished eating - at least 15 minutes to get our dessert knots and check. All in all - it was a 90 minute lunch - which when you're talking about a pretzel sandwich where the bread is already baked. So if you go (which you should - it's tasty) - don't go if you're in a hurry. Even a to-go order was a 20 minute start-to-finish process.

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