Restaurant Review: FlipDaddy's - Newport KY

We're always exploring new restaurants in the Newport/Covington area for lunch and recently Flipdaddy's opened up so we had to check it out right away! 

I've been to the original Flipdaddy's in Mariemont - they also have locations in Mason & Florence.

I'm a bit obsessed with fried eggs - so if I see one on a lunch menu concoction then I must get it - so when I saw this Rise & Shine Burger - I was in.

We were on our lunch hours so we did not partake in the craft beer selection but they have a huge selection. They also have unique cocktails including small batch bourbons. It's hipster heaven.

My friend Susie likes to have a light lunch - so she asked if they had a "kid-sized" burger - to which they said no. But they do have sliders - so she went for that. I'm not sure if you can see the issue here but these "slider" patties are so small you really can't even see them. It's like the old "Where's The Beef" campaign. ???

Also - something odd - their "lunch menu" has combos (1/2 sandwich/1/2 salad) but features none of their burgers - which is their main menu item. Might be a good place for a smaller burger on the menu.

Dawn went simple and got a plain burger with sweet potato fries ($9.99). This prompted a little discussion with the server - as their "plain" burger doesn't have cheese. Dawn jokingly said "what's a burger without cheese?!" Apparently he took offense to that and got a bit snippy giving us an explanation of how cheese covers up the taste of the beef. Um - OK. She still asked for cheese anyway.

The sweet potato fries were ok but a lot were "soggy" - I personally like the soft fries while Susie is repulsed by them. We've realized we are the perfect fry combo orderers - she can eat the crispy and I can eat the soggy ones.

And here's my Rise & Shine burger and fries ($11.99). The fries are pretty good - very crispy. I got a side of ranch - it was just meh - not homemade as I was hoping for.

But really - it's all about the burgers. And - unfortunately - we didn't love them. They didn't ask us how we wanted them done - so we just got what they gave us. That seems unusual for a custom burger place. All the burgers were medium well or well done - not a hint of pink. So the burgers were a letdown.

Why Should You Go? Well - I'd give it another shot - maybe they were just having opening week kinks. The server was a bit off-putting and the burgers were dry and overdone. But for an expensive burger ($12?) I'm not sure I'll be too excited to go back.

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