Restaurant Review: Midwest Best BBQ - Loveland, OH

My husband is one of the managers at the Milford U-Haul and every now and again - I'll head over to have dinner with him when he gets off work. He heard about Midwest Best BBQ from a customer and we decided to check it out since it was fairly close by. 

It's just up the road from Schoolhouse - it's BBQ restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor. There are probably 10 tables inside and ample parking on street and across the street.

Their menu is on the wall and they have a great BBQ assortment - wings, pulled pork, ribs and all the sides. I would head their early because they sell out of things quickly. They're only open Thursday - Sunday so mark that on your calendar.

Inside they also have a long case of ice cream as well as jerseys from every area local team. It's a very fun local feel. The owners are great - we chatted with them for probably 20 minutes and it felt like we'd known each other forever. They also bottle their own sauce - so you can always take some home with you!

We chose the HB Combo of 2 sliders, 3 wings & fries ($7.95). This came with sauce on the side - we both chose the sweet sauce. Now normally - I'm all about a pulled pork sandwich - until I ate here. The pork was fine - Larry loved it. But you see this something else in that picture - there's actually three of them!

Those wings - OMG - THOSE WINGS! By recommendation from the owner - I tried the G-Funk Wings - it's his special rub. They were DELICIOUS! There's a slight kick - but not too much (I'm not big on spicy) - but the flavor was just amazing! Zingy and rich and so good. Larry got the wings with BBQ sauce - but once he tried one of mine - he agreed - the G-Funk is where it's at!! I think I liked the dry rub aspect of it - I tend to like ribs & wings with the dry rub rather than all sauced up - but this was just delicious.

Why Should You Go? Well - the couple that own the place are FANTASTIC! And then - the food is great! So all around - it's a definite go-to. And yes - it's a little off the beaten path but trust me - those G-Funk wings are worth it.

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