Restaurant Review: Smoke House Grill BBQ

I like food trucks but don't get to visit them as much as I like. On my way home - I drive by Rinks Flea Market on Hamilton - and they've recently done remodeling and now have a food truck there most days. 

The Smoke House Grill BBQ is often times found in the parking lot serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here's their sample menu - with fish, chicken, bbq and more - including breakfast which would be convenient on the way to work. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with onion rings & coleslaw ($8).

Disappointment all around. The sandwich was so soggy that I had to eat it with a fork. The bbq was tender but over sauced - I felt like it was one of those tubs of BBQ you buy at the grocery store. The onion rings were clearly frozen and had pieces of onion - not rings. The coleslaw was so vinegary I couldn't even eat it.

Why Should You Go? Skip it.

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