Road Trip: Kings Island Food Truck Festival with Sweet'N Low #DontHesitaste

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sweet’N Low. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Last weekend I was invited to Kings Island to check out their Food Truck Festival and visit the Sweet'N Low truck. They were handing out free drinks and had cornhole set up (so Ohio) as well as providing a bit of seating and shade - which was MUCH needed in that heat! 

We tried Sweet Tea with Sweet'N Low at the truck. Now you might have missed them at Kings Island but they are going to be all over the country - be sure to check out the Sweet’N Low truck event calendar to see when they'll be in your area! 

The sweet folks at Sweet'N Low sent me a little pre-food truck gift - but you can get your own gift! If you stop by the Sweet'N Low truck in your area and mention FOOD HUSSY - you'll get a free gift! (Not the same one I got - but something fun for sure!)
They also have this SWEET contest going on - take a pic of yourself at their truck or with a pic of your favorite Sweet'N Low sweetened drink and upload to Twitter or Instagram with the #donthesitaste and #contestentry - you'll be entered to win money, prizes and more! 

“Don’t Hesita(s)te” is that moment when you hesitate before you dive into something sweet because you could miss out on something delicious. With Sweet'N Low - no need to miss out - so #donthesitaste! 

I brought my friend Dawn with me to Kings Island - it was my birthday after all - so we needed to buzz around and have some fun! 
We hit up some of the other food trucks as well - and of course - had to go Empanadas Aqui. I drool over the Carne Mechada. They see me coming and no to just get it ready. It's oh so good.  

I also got to meet Snoopy! His handler wasn't amused and looked at me like I was crazy and said "Um - you have 1 minute." Um - listen Lucy - I'll take all 60 seconds of that!!! 

Unfortunately it rained pretty much the whole time we were there - so we were able to sneak a ride on the Scrambler (the couches). I'm a terrible friend because I put her on the outside and squished her for 2.5 minutes. 

And I did want to go horseback riding for my birthday - unfortunately this wasn't the horse I was thinking of - but we still had fun. 

You can see I had my pink on all day in honor of Sweet'N Low. It's pretty crazy that one little packet is the equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar! And it's safe - folks like the American Diabetes Association and the National Cancer Institute have acknowledged that saccharin is safe to consume and can help in long-term weight management!

So be sure to check out the Sweet’N Low truck event calendar to see when they'll be in your area and if you haven't tried the little pink packet in a while - give it a whirl!

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