#ALDIGivesBack - Helping kids around the US get back to school!

All this back-to-school stuff sends me back to the time when I was a lil tyke heading to middle school. I LOVED back-to-school shopping - picking out my Trapper Keeper and all my folders - MAN! I MISS THOSE DAYS. 

The sad thing is that not every kid gets to experience that pleasure - there are a lot of kids that don't have any school supplies when they go back. Actually - this year - I purchased the school supplies for my niece & nephew. I'm not sure what they would have done if I hadn't...

Lots of other kids though don't have an amazing aunt like me - so what do they do? Well - luckily - great stores like Aldi are around with their #ALDIGivesBack campaign! 

Aldi is known as the saving store - they have great deals on great products. It's a very interesting story - they only have about 5000 UPC codes in their store as opposed to thousands and thousands in other grocery stores. Instead of choosing between 50 different kinds of salad dressing (at least) - you have a smaller selection (like 4). I have had great luck with Aldi and really like grocery shopping there. 

Now I'm running behind on my posts and actually missed out on school supplies at Aldi - they go like hot cakes dammit! 

So instead - I purchased some gym clothes and after school snacks to donate. These are definitely things that kids will be able to use after school. I took these to the neighborhood my niece & nephew live in. Unfortunately its a neighborhood with a lot of povery - there are always kids hanging around outside after school and my mother-in-law's place tends to be the gathering yard - so she'll be stocked up! Plus - she can give the clothes to some kids in the area that really need them.
 It was great when I gave the $25 Gift Certificate from Aldi to the store clerk - I told him what this was for and asked if I could take a photo of him. He happily obliged and gave me a big Aldi smile!

Thanks again to Aldi for giving back. Sorry I missed out on the backpacks - but next year - hopefully I can get on the stick quicker. Be sure to follow Aldi to find out about all their great special deals:

Thanks also to Madame Deals for including me on this program!

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