Quickie Restaurant Review: Servatii's Pastry Shop & Deli

Here's a quickie lunch review!

Chicken Salad on a Pretzel Bun ($5.59 + .50 for Pretzel)

The other day I couldn't get out for lunch so my wonderful coworker grabbed lunch for me. She hopped in her GTI and went over to Servatii's on Court Street to grab a couple sandwiches for us. I wasn't sure what they had but said to get me a chicken salad on a pretzel bun if that was an option. 

Sure enough it was on the menu! I really like that the sandwich came with a pickle and cookies! The sandwich was HUGE! It was a little tough to eat because it was so big but it was good. The chicken salad wasn't my favorite - but again - it was fine. It sort of had a sweet flavor to it - I like my chicken salad super simple - chicken, mayo, celery, onion. 

Why Should You Go? Oh well - I liked it but didn't love it. What I did love was my good friend getting my lunch for me. Susie - YOU ROCK! 

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