Restaurant Fun: Chipotle's Friend or Faux Game - still time to enter!!!

We may all have different tastes - but I know one thing we can all agree on - We all love Chipotle!!!

Lucky for you there is still time to enter the "Friend or Faux" sweepstakes from our beloved burrito brethren.
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 It's a really fun game - you get to compare a Chipotle menu item with a Fast Food menu item and see if you can match up the ingredients. You play a game + learn! It's not easy either - but when you're done - on your first try you get a BOGO code for a burrito! Plus you are entered to win free Chipotle for two for a whole year!!

And don't forget about online ordering! My Chipotle (Colerain) always has a HUGE line - but I beat the lines by ordering online and then just walk right to the register and I'm good to go! It's a huge time saver - especially when life is packed with all of these crazy activities!

And don't forget to share your Chipotle order with me! Until my beloved Carnitas are back - my standard is a bowl with white rice, black beans, chicken, mild, cheese and sour cream. What's yours?

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