Restaurant Review: Hathaways - Downtown Cincinnati

Some folks from work wanted to go to lunch so we headed to Hathaway's - the old timey diner downtown. 

Hathaway's always cracks me up because it hasn't changed a bit since the 50s! Same bar seating, same photos on the wall - and probably the same waitresses. :-) 

Everybody but me got breakfast - they have some tasty omelettes - everyone was happy.

One got a side of biscuits - seem a little dry - but I didn't taste them. They're screaming for gravy - right?

I - for some crazy reason - wasn't in the mood for breakfast - which is seldom the case. Anyway I got a Patty Melt ($8.79) which came with fries and cole slaw. I didn't much care for the cole slaw. The patty melt was okay - but the burger didn't have much flavor - actually the whole thing was pretty bland. I like my patty melts a little gooier, a little more onioney, just amped up a little all around. This was fine - but nothing special.

Why Should You Go? Well - it's a great nostalgia thing and they have good breakfasts and good shakes. I'd go with breakfast - the sandwich was meh.

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