Restaurant Review: FusaBowl - Colerain

Nearby our place up on Colerain - there is a newer strip mall that is starting to fill up. There's a Wing place and one of those pottery painting places and now - a Sushi/Grill restaurant - Fusabowl.

Fusabowl is locally-owned and started by the same family that owns another Chinese restaurant in the area. I had a really nice chat with the owner - he's so young! I love his enthusiasm though - and the concept is great. Inside - it's a super cute Ikea-type of feeling.

With the bowls and the sushi - you can create your own or go off of their menu for recommended ideas. They'll make the sushi right in front of you and get it all ready. My mouth was watering all over the window.

I got an order of Sushi and a Shrimp bowl - so they cooked that fresh as well. The kitchen is super clean and the rest of the staff was friendly as well.

Here's my shrimp bowl ($7.95) - I think they were very generous with the shrimp. Under the shrimp was rice, carrots, onions, broccoli and more. The bowl was really good and a huge portion. It lasted a couple of meals. This is the kind of meal my husband really likes - white rice, shrimp and broccoli - he's happy.

I went for a California Roll (I think) ($6.95) - again - really good stuff. I love sushi but Larry isn't really a fan - so I like having a place on my way home where I can get something we both like and I know it's fresh. I like too that they'll make it right there in front of you so you can customize it however you want.

This is a pretty basic roll but I wanted something simple - I figure if I like that - I can get more adventurous down the road.

Why Should You Go? If you're up in this area of town - it's a great option. I love that it's a young entrepreneur as well! He was super friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and the portion sizes are large. Best of all - it tastes great! I highly recommend FusaBowl! Click to add a blog post for Fusa Bowl on Zomato

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