Restaurant Review: Huit Craft BBQ - Downtown

One of my favorite people on the planet recently started a new job - so we have to find new lunch places to meet up at. Lucky for me - there's ample supply! First stop was Skyline - cuz sometimes you need fast. But sometimes - you need new! 

 I've been wanting to try Huit Craft BBQ for quite a while and this was the perfect opportunity. We weren't too sure about how quick it would be - but were willing to give it a shot. Their lunch menu is pretty expansive and is much more than just bbq - from rice bowls to brisket and combos of everything in between - there's a lot to choose from.

Inside - it's a small place with maybe 8-10 tables and a light airy feel. The servers at lunch are pretty busy so they aren't too attentive - but it wasn't too bad.

Lauren got a noodle bowl - which I cannot find on the online menu - but it definitely looked delish. She enjoyed it.

I got HUIT Bibimbap with grilled pork ($10) and it was delicious. On it's own - it really wasn't spicy - so I added some sriracha. The pork though was perfect. It was juicy and full of flavor - not too strong of anything - just natural pork flavor. So good. The portion size was large as well - I couldn't finish it.

Why Should You Go? There's so many tasty things I wanted to try: Drunken Brisket, Grilled Sriracha Mayo Corn on the Cob, Baked Corn Pudding, Brisket & Gravy Rice (wha?????) + a Saturday Brunch with Monkey Bread French Toast (seriously?!). Only thing is - when you go - can you call me so I can meet you there? (I do think it was a little pricey for lunch - but it was really good.)

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