Restaurant Review: Krueger's Tavern - OTR

The latest edition to the Thunderdome Restaurant Group (the folks responsible for Currito, The Eagle, Bakersfield and more) in OTR is Krueger's Tavern. It's in the old Lavomatic spot. 

As happens every year - we tend to hit up a Thunderdome restaurant on my birthday! Last year was The Eagle. This year was a different crew- but just as fun of a lunch.

As we walked upstairs to the patio - we walked by a row of burgers...I might have drooled a little.

They have a fantastic rooftop patio! It's a great space and we were having a blast taking pics. Man - I sure don't miss that mustache though Jak! (His wife made him shave it off shortly thereafter - whew!)

A lot of the group decided they wanted to get the house specialty - Gin + Juice. They all loved it. I think gin is awful so my birthday drink was a Coca-Cola. :-)

My boss got the Cuban - which their bar manager said was the best thing on the menu. Bossman loved it and pretty much made me super jealous once I came over and took a picture of it. I mean - seriously - how can you look at that and not want to eat it?

Tim got this and I'm not much of a Bleu Cheese fan but seriously - it looks amazing. These burgers were all juicy, perfectly cooked, cheesy and delicious. The challah buns are great - they're soft and light - which you need when you have something decadent like these burgers. 

Why Should You Go? I loved it. I actually liked it more than The Eagle! I will definitely be back for these burgers again. So delicious!

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