Restaurant Review: Meritage Restaurant - Glendale, OH

This year for my birthday dinner I wanted to go to someplace new and a little nicer. So I grabbed...

The husband and some good friends of ours and headed out to...

Meritage Restaurant in Glendale is an upscale restaurant - there's a nice bar area in the front with high-top tables and then a separate area with tables. I've driven by a million times but hadn't ever been. It's very close to my friend's house and she was teaching a Salsa class - so it was convenient location-wise.

We were there a few minutes early and I got a drink - they have a nice drink selection - so I tried a Pomtastic ($9) with Grey Goose Orange Vodka, Pama Liqueur, Pomegranate Juice, Simple Syrup and a Splash of Cranberry Juice.

It was very tasty! I'm not too into fancy cocktails but I liked it - it's not too hard when there's pomegranate juice and vodka to make it good though - right?

For the salad, I tried the Meritage Salad (Half Size with Entree - $5) with field greens, candied pecans, brie, pear, roasted shallots and pancetta tossed in a balsamic citrus vinaigrette.

This was okay - the pancetta was a little too crispy and the brie was in pretty big chunks. You couldn't really get a bite with all the parts of the salad. It's very popular but I probably wouldn't get it again.

Here's the mystery entree. I hate when this happens - it was a special - so it's not on their menu. I'm pretty sure that it was a solid white fish with a mushroom cream sauce on top of fried potato quarters. As is usually - I liked Larry's choice better than mine. The potato quarters were a bit much - they were really large and a bit dry without the extra sauce. They were ok. But the fish and mushroom cream sauce was really good.

Kevin got the Daily Fish Special with Crab Butter ($29) It was served on a bed of rice with a side of carrots. He's a frequent diner so he was happy with it.

Rachel and I got the Cajun Goat Cheese Crusted Filet topped with a demi-glace ($32). This is normally served with a twice-baked potato but we both swapped out for the Macaroni & Cheese as Rachel told me how good it is and I love mac & cheese.

For me - the Macaroni & Cheese was just okay - it was very rich and a large portion but it had sort of a funky taste. I tend to be picky on homemade macaroni & cheese so it's very hit & miss as to whether I like it or not. This one - I didn't - it's probably the mix of cheeses they used - and I must not love one of them. It wasn't awful by any means - I just didn't love it.

Unfortunately I didn't love the steak either. The filet wasn't a great quality - in my opinion - I asked for it medium rare - and it just was sort of chewy. It didn't have the nice texture that a steak should (I think those Certified Angus folks have me spoiled). What didn't help either was the Cajun Goat Cheese topping - it was REALLY spicy and basically overpowered everything else. I really didn't care for that. I didn't think you could mess up goat cheese and steak - but for me - it was a miss.

They did bring me out a piece of birthday cake - if I'm remembering right - it was a peanut butter cup chocolate cake. It was really rich - luckily Rachel helped me knock this one out. :-)

Why Should You Go? Well - it's a nice restaurant. The owners are nice and it's a nice atmosphere. All in all though - I didn't love my meal and Larry said the same thing - it was fine - but probably not going to go back.

Have you been? What do you like?

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