Restaurant Review: Terrace Cafe at Cincinnati Art Museum, Mt Adams

Recently the wonderful folks at the Cincinnati Museum of Art invited me to try out their Terrace Cafe and meet the chef! I'm always up for bonding with a chef - so off I went. 

The Art Museum is a great place to visit in Cincinnati - and it's free to get in! The parking in the lot right outside the doors is $4 but you can park a short walk away for free. So there's no budgetary reason to not head to the museum.

And here we have Chef Christian Gill. Um - I'm not sure if you can tell but we were besties within about 30 seconds of meeting. I mean - my hair looks just like his when I wake up! I told him about my fetish for selfies with my mouth open and he quickly obliged for a twinnies picture with me.

Chef Christian is a west-sider - so he's true Cincinnati. He ventured off for a few years and headed to Disney and other places before coming back home to share some great treats with us. He is a true character and let me tell you - if you see him while you're there sometime - go up and say hi - you will be glad you did.

The Museum had a special event the night I stopped by for a visit and there were trays of delights in the walk-in fridge. Yum and yum.

The fun thing about coming before an event was that Chef Christian gave me little tasties of all the great things he was making. This was some sort of delicious Pomegranate drink...and yes I liked it.

This little spoon of delight is a smoked salmon wonton on a ginger spoon with sunflower micro greens and wasabi mayo.  I liked this - smoked salmon is a unique flavor - it's sort of raw & cooked at the same time and this wasn't too spicy. I love bites in little spoons - it's one of my favorite things that a chef can make!

Next up was a little bite of BBQ eel nigiri sushi with bamboo infused sushi rice. I could tell the sushi rice had a little different flavor to it. It was a good little bite of sushi.

The interesting thing about the kitchen at the Cincinnati Museum of Art is that they don't have a stove!!! There are no open burners allowed at the museum because of the art! So they have one induction burner and a convection oven. Keep this in mind if you're ever there for an event - like a wedding!!! They cater weddings - with no open flames?!? It's pretty amazing when you see their kitchen to think of all the great things that come out of the kitchen.

Now - Chef Christian is a big goofball. He was bragging about his Peppercorn Ranch and I said I would make a sign for him to show that he was the King of Peppercorn Ranch. So here you go Chef - here you go!

You have to have a little creativity in you to be the chef here. He is often asked to create dinners that are inspired by the art. The event we were previewing was inspired by the Japanese art exhibit they had at the time.

The event had an Asian theme and also had the fine folks from Fusian there making sushi rolls for everyone. So there was a huge vat of krab...I love this stuff. I know - it's not crab - but I still love it.

Finally we got to go up to the event and taste a couple of these decadent wonders. So delicious! I had to sneak a couple out so it wouldn't seem like they were picked over.

Oh this is the perfect cheesecake. I loved it. I had to restrain myself from just swiping them all into my purse. So good! Chef Christian - feel free to make me these anytime you want! :-)

While there - Jill from the Marketing Dept showed me this great room that they have for kids. They do kids camps as well as have it open during the Museum hours. They have special projects you can do with your kids -

Like this origami bird! They're all ready to go with different projects - they have tactile projects, electronic, art, and everything in between. It's really fun. You can't drop the kids off and leave - but it's fun to go and get the kids involved in art with a hands-on experience. Check out their Family First events for more information.

After my visit before the event - I decided to head back for lunch at the Terrace Cafe. If you have a $10 bill at the cafe - your parking is free - just fyi.

I started with a Pink Lemonade ($2) and it was great - it was very refreshing!

During my tour, the folks at the Cafe said their favorite items were the Terrace Bleu sandwich ($10) shown above and the Calypso Jerk Chicken Wrap. The sandwich comes with a side salad or kettle chips.

The Terrace Bleu has herb roasted chicken, smoked ham, gruyere and honey dijon on a toasted croissant bun. The croissant buns are great! We both enjoyed those. Shannon thought the sandwich was pretty good but wasn't completely sold on it.

I tried the Sweet Fire Potato Sandwich with a side salad ($10). And the main reason I did the side salad was so I could try the King of Peppercorn Ranch's Peppercorn Ranch. Actually - they said they were out so I got regular Ranch. It was mediocre. Then Chef Christian came upstairs to see me and I told him - so he ran downstairs and made me some! He's so awesome and so is the Peppercorn Ranch. It was really good - full of peppercorn and I think maybe some Parmesan cheese - so good. So be sure to ask for it!

This sandwich is really unique - I have never seen anything like it on a menu - and that to me says something. The sandwich has a cumin roasted sweet potato, red onion, sweet pepper pico, lime crema and avocado on a toasted croissant bun.

I don't always get vegetarian options - but had to try it. I definitely liked it - mainly because it was so different and interesting. I think the potato and avocado have a similar texture - so I might like a little crunchy in between them but I loved the flavor on those potatoes.

Why Should You Go? Well the Museum of Art is a no-brainer - if you haven't been - it's free - go! I liked the Terrace Cafe and would definitely like to try it again. Chef Christian has a great attitude and is super fun. Also - if you ever see Tuna Salad on the menu or as a special - get it. He makes a special one that is so freakin good! I mean - who ever says Tuna Salad is great? But his - is!

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