DIY: Stenciled Fall Pillows

I love having craft day with my girlfriends - this time Rachel came up with the idea to do stenciled fall pillows. She would bring the stencils and the paint - I'll bring the pillows and Dani would provide the location and a snack. 

Rachel said she'd get pillows but I'm near Ikea and I knew that they'd have something so I drove up and they were on sale! These covers were on sale for $3 and the inserts were $2.99! Each of us picked out our favorite color and I got us hooked up.

Rachel also brought her Cricut - which is this super cool machine for cutting out letters and shapes - most people use it for scrapbooking. She also brought fabric paint for us to all use.

I decided to do a shape rather than a word so it could be up year-round. I loved this metallic pewter and gold paint she brought so I used that first and put this flower shape around the pillow cover. Then I added the black...blergh. After I did the black I wished I hadn't - but it's fine.

 Dani decided to freehand her pillow. She's always the rebel. 

Rachel's is probably my favorite - she used a cool font - it's a very Halloween-y Fall Pillow - I love it!

 But together our pillow's look great! And it was so simple! The Ikea pillow covers are also a very thick material so we didn't even need to put anything in between the layers.

So the how-to is super simple:

* Lay out your pillow covers flat
* Choose your design (stencils, freehand, etc) and draw your design in pencil on the pillow case (trust us on this one)
* Use fabric paint to fill in the design
* Let dry for 15 minutes
* Insert the pillow

And this was a $6 craft - and seriously - look at that couch - that could be in a magazine - right?! ;-)

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