Restaurant Review + Giveaway: bd's Mongolian Grill - Mason, OH

We had a Mongolian Grill back home in Iowa that I loved! I knew there was one out here somewhere and finally got the chance to try it! 

The folks at bd's Mongolian Grill gave me a gift card to try out their large facility in Mason. It's in the Fields Ertl area. It's a really large building and much nicer than the place back home.

The hostess seats you and then you can order from the menu or do the Mongolian Grill. We chose to do both!

I obviously went for the grill - they have a great selection. You get a bowl when you go up and then you put whatever you want in the bowl. That's how simple it is. You start with your protein - and they have a lot of options fish, chicken, steak and more - with multiple options in each area.

After the protein you choose your carbs - with a lot of rice and pastas to choose from - you're good to go!

Then veggies! Everything you can think of - this is where I piled on! I had chosen steak, Krab and pasta - then added on mushroom and broccoli.

They have a lot of sauces to choose from and you can quickly see the calories as well as allergens. There are also tasting spoons for you to try the sauces - I highly recommend that - I was surprised by a few so the tastes really help. They also have recommended combos if you're not sure what goes together.

There are also dry seasonings you can add to the mix. That's the best part about bd's Mongolian Grill - you can really make it whatever you want! If you want an Italian bent - do it - if you want Thai - go for it - if you want Mexican - done!

Once you put everything you want in the bowl, you take it up to the grill. They also have an allergy free grill - like for Larry who is allergic to eggs - he could have gone to that. I just went to the normal grill.

There can be quite a line - so prepare for a bit of a wait when they're busy - but the fun thing here is  - you're getting a show while you wait!

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Some people really load up their bowls and stack them 10" high - I don't feel the need - but it's up to you!

The prices are definitely reasonable:

* One bowl - $9.49 (lunch)
* One bowl with unlimited soup & salad bar - $10.00 (lunch) / $14.49 (dinner)
* Unlimited bowls & unlimited soup & salad bar - $12.49 (lunch) / $16.99 (dinner)

All are served with your choice of white or brown rice, flour tortillas or lettuce wraps.

Here's my one bowl - that's seriously a lot of food and I didn't even pile it high like the rest of the world was doing. I would highly recommend just the $9.49 option on your first trip - it's still a lot of food! We didn't even notice the soup & salad bar!

I really liked the sauces I chose - I don't think I would do the Krab again - sometimes I like it cooked and sometimes I don't. It's a lot of food for under $10!

Larry decided to just relax and let them do everything for him and he chose the Fire-Roasted Hoisin BBQ Ribs ($15.99). It was a half slab of St. Louis Ribs brushed with Hoisin Barbecue Sauce. He really liked them.

Larry's ribs came with these big fried balls. We really weren't too sure what was inside. Would it be a hush puppy? Potatoes?
Mashed potatoes! Normally these would be right up my alley - but I didn't love them. They had eggs in them so Larry couldn't eat them. Maybe a dollop of sour cream would have helped out - they were just bland. Oh well - you can't win them all!

Why Should You Go? It's a really fun experience to watch them cook on the grill and I love the fact that I can choose whatever I want. Also - I have a $20 gift card giveaway for you - so you'll definitely have a reason to go!

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