Restaurant Review: Wunderbar - Covington, KY

Cincinnati Magazine posted their Top 45 Burger list and I've been on a quest to try as many as possible. Next up on the list was Wunderbar in Covington!

Wunderbar is down past all the "downtown" Covington stuff on Madison on that new street that has been widened and bricked. There's a decent amount of street parking and you can find it by the giant Einstein mural on the side. 

Because I'm ALWAYS posing with my mouth open - me and Al decided it had to be done again.

Inside there are these really cool hand-painted skateboards, beer signs and...

the front end of a bus! Susie and I decided to jump in the bus (there are bar stools behind it) and take a pic. We're just goofy kinda folks.

The atmosphere is interesting. The tables are long communal picnic tables. We were there at noon on a weekday and I'm pretty comfortable saying we were the only ones there with office jobs. It was sort of a "regulars" crowd and we stuck out like sore thumbs. But we're tough cookies - we can handle it.

There are no menus - you just look at the wall and order at the bar (it changes often). I won't say the staff was super-friendly - but they did take our order.  There are a lot of selections and we definitely had a hard time deciding what to order. It seemed fairly eclectic - from a kebab to bacon & brie to burgers to house-made sausage - it's a variety for sure!

They're also known for their sides - and I'm down with anybody that can do wonders with veggies. They don't make ALL of their sausages - I think the mett and kielbasa were the only two not made in-house. I was really wanting to try the sausage - but this is the burger quest - so I had to pass it up.

First though we went for an order of pierogies ($9 for 6) and I can easily say this was the best part of the meal. These were delicious!!!! They were filled with mashed potatoes and then topped with a thick white gravy and bacon. I mean - seriously - it's delicious!!! The pierogies were fresh and sauteed perfectly. The white gravy was delicious and then the crispy bacon on top - perfection!

I went for the Wunderburger ($8.50) and a side of brussels sprouts. They really do have a great selection of options. The brussels sprouts were sauteed and well-cooked. They were a little too salty for me but definitely were stepped up from the boiled brussels sprouts of my childhood.

And now the burger. It was good but not my favorite. I think that chefs think their customers have larger mouths than they do. I also know that it may seem funny but "clinically" I have a small mouth and a huge 7" tall burger just doesn't work! (So many jokes - so little time.)

Why Should You Go? The burger was okay - it was a bit too rare for me and way too thick - I just ate it with a knife & fork. It was pretty good - but because of the size I probably wouldn't get it again. I would definitely go for the pierogies and I'd love to try their homemade sausages.

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