Road Trip: Craft Day at Craftologies in Amelia

I'm a sucker for a craft day - as you probably know because of my DIY section - but sometimes I just don't even know what I want to do - just that I want to do something! Or I might know what I want but not have half the things I need to do it! Well - now - there's a place for me to go: 

Craftologies in Amelia! (Thanks to Beth for inviting us to try it out.)

It's right on Ohio Pike but look closely - you can see the sign from the road but not the building - it's sort of behind another building. Inside - it's got a cozy little nook and lots of crafts around for you to peruse and choose from.

While I love to craft - I thought it would be fun to bring a kid with me - so my friend Leah and her daughter Amelie came with us for a girls day. Beth (the shop owner) is prepared for anything and has smock shirts for you and the kids so nobody gets messy.

That's another thing I really like about Craftologies is that if you have an idea of a craft you want to do - Beth probably has the supplies for it. If you just want to do something but not sure of what - then just walking around the shop will give you tons of ideas!

Beth had a new project she was wanting to try so we were her guinea pigs - making pendants with an epoxy type material. She had STACKS of magazine, maps and books for us to choose from as well as a load of pendant sizes and shapes. I chose a small circle and found a map of Iowa and had my inspiration! I decided to show some love to my home town of West Liberty. I really loved how they turned out. 

While our projects were drying - we took a look around and saw some really fun things like these crazy paper flowers...

this super cute Washi birdhouse...

and don't even get me started on the jewelry! I loved this bracelet - I was going to make something with the metal but didn't have time that day.

 Here's another metal-worked pendant - she has all sorts of things you can stamp into the metal.

Besides maps - there was really cool craft paper we could use and then I added some metal flowers into it for a 3d effect. It's definitely a statement piece!

Amelie & Leah made some pendants for Amelie & her brother's backpacks. Beth has thousands of beads too and added some bling that way as well.

We had a really fun time and liked the projects we made. I think Beth's strong suit is working with kids - there was a youngster about Amelie's age coming in to plan her birthday and it was super cute! She really worked with her to pick out the project of what she wanted to make at her party. It's a very interactive experience.

I will say that there is a spirit of "winging it" when you're there - but Beth has a heart of gold and goes out of her way to make sure you have fun and love what you create. She's very flexible and will adjust to what you want to do. I just want to throw that in to be fair - if you're a perfectionist - you might have a little anxiety.

I also want to add that I was at an event with Beth where she was "running" a craft provided by a brand. The craft didn't turn out to work so well. She rescued the craft table with extra supplies that she had and pretty much saved the day. If you can go with the flow and have fun - you'll love it!

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