Reminiscing over Deliciousness from the Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic

Earlier this fall I was given a Media pass (#bloggerperks) to the Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic

It's a HUGE annual event at Washington Park and trust me - you will gorge yourself like you've never done before. 

Tickets aren't cheap but the food is amazing. They have numerous tastings all weekend as well as seminars, classes and more. I would highly recommend subscribing to their email list to keep you updated for next year! 

When I go to a tasting - I have this NEED to taste each item. It's painful. The thing I've learned is to take a bite - if you don't love it - let it go. There will be more things you LOVE and you want to be sure and have room for them!

That said - I did have a few favorites - and the fact that this event was 2 months ago - and I still remember them - says a lot! 

First up - Taste of Belgium - it's not like they ever do anything bad - right? I'm not actually the biggest fan of the restaurant - but at these tasting events - they are at their best. I just had their grilled cheese at the Cincinnati Cheese Festival and it was everybody's favorite!

The waffles are great - they're very filling - but then throw on some pork belly, mustard, fruit and balsamic - and yeah - I'm guessing it's going to be tasty.

And yes, of course, it was. Everybody was raving...but again - it's pork belly on a waffle - do you really think that's NOT going to be good?!

Taste of Belgium Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Then - my absolute favorite of the night - like not even a close race for me - was...

was Renee Schuler from Eat Well Catering!

Honestly - I would never put all this together - I mean - who would? Roast, hominy, chilies, jalapeno relish and tomatoes?????

Oh - Renee would. And IT. WAS. AWESOME. Like - seriously - amazing. It was the epitome of comfort food. The creamy hominy tasted like the best macaroni & cheese I could ever imagine - and then you throw perfectly cooked roast on top. Ugh - Renee - I can't even tell you. Can I please have it again??????

Lastly I'm giving an honorable mention to Bouquet in Covington. 

They served us a delightful fruit salad. Now you say - fruit salad??? How is that a best of? Because when you have stuffed yourself full of every delectable dish in the entire city - and you're zipper is bursting and your feet hurt from standing and your belly hurts from combining every random cuisine on the planet - you are GIDDY beyond belief to find something delicious and LIGHT!!! Oh it was a refreshing end to my evening. So thank you Bouquet!!! 

Bouquet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Food & Wine Classic was a great time and I highly recommend it - you'll love it!

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