Restaurant Review (MUST-TRY!!) - Terrace Cafe @ Cincinnati Art Museum

A couple of months ago I checked out the Terrace Cafe at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Their new chef Christian Gill is AMAZEBALLS and I couldn't wait to go back. 

Of course - just by looking at him - you could imagine that we were instant besties. I came in and ordered the side salad with peppercorn ranch - that's my code for Christian to come visit me. It worked of course! We chatted and he told me about something new he added to the menu - he started with the words...braised wagyu brisket. SOLD!!! 

There it was on the menu - Manchego Pressed Tortada - I didn't even think for five seconds before ordering. How could I?! 

 Let me tell you - it was EVERYTHING. The brisket was tender but the star was the bravas aioli - it was juicy and spicy and zingy and fantastic. Oh yeah - and the artichoke salsa - ugh - just all of it was so good! Chef Christian came by to check on me - I'm not sure he understood my words - between the devouring and the drooling - but he got the point - I LOVED IT!

He said he's probably going to have this on the menu through the end of the year - so be SURE to head over and check it out - you won't be sorry! Oh man - that sandwich!!!

Thanks again to Chef Christian for his continued making of Peppercorn Ranch on demand for me and to the Terrace Cafe for the gift certificate to try it out again.

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