Restaurant Review: Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta

Whenever I think of Olive Garden - I always think of the moment on The Bachelor when a girl was with Richie Rich Andrew Firestone and he asked her about her favorite restaurant and she said - Olive Garden. He gave a big ol' eye roll because why would Richie Rich ever go there? But hey you know what - I love it and I'm happy to shout it from the rooftops!  

The funny thing is pasta is so simple to make - but I rarely make it at home. I'm not sure why - but going to the OG is always a treat to me. The salad, the soup, the sticks - all so delicious!

Now when you go to Olive Garden - they have these little game monitors on your table! They had a tv trivia game and - of course - I killed it! I won every round cuz I'm a tv-aholic!

They also have the Never Ending Pasta Bowl going on right now starting at just $9.99! There are over 20 choices with 9 pastas, 7 sauces and 5 toppings - so you literally can have whatever you want - and you STILL get soup or salad + breadsticks!

We all know about the Olive Garden breadsticks - they're thick and salty and garlicky. Always served piping hot. Larry is always happy to take a couple of these right off the bat. 

Odd for him - but this week - he was all about the salad. The Olive Garden salad is really one of the most perfect - it's got crisp lettuce, thick slices of Roma tomato, big crunch croutons, bitey red onions and then the magical big black olives and the lone pepperocini. I always feel like it's a prize if you find the pepperocini! I just take one bite off the end and then let the juice drip on my salad.

We get it dry for him since he's allergic to eggs and then get a side of a vinaigrette. The top two are his dressing and the bottom two are the official OG salad dressing for me.

Larry chose spaghetti with meat sauce - it's very simple but that's the kind of guy he is. Since he ate so much salad - he could only finish half his pasta - so we took it home and I got to have it for lunch. I love the chunky, meaty sauce that Olive Garden has - it's rich and yet fresh tasting. Love it.

I went crazy with my combination and got Angel Hair pasta with pesto alfredo. Angel hair isn't usually combined with alfredo but I don't care - I love it - it's 100% my favorite pasta shape. It's so light and airy. The alfredo isn't so heavy that it kills the light pasta and I loved the addition of a dollop of pesto into the mix - it really added a lot of flavor to my alfredo. Top notch combo in my book.

The whole point of Never Ending Pasta is to get MORE than one bowl - but my belly couldn't do it - I could barely finish the one bowl they provided. That said - it's a great deal even for just one bowl - next time - I'm starving myself all day!

Be sure to check out all of the Never Ending Pasta options on Olive Garden's site and hopefully I'll see you there. Never Ending Pasta is going until NOVEMBER 22!

Thanks to Olive Garden for sending me a gift card to check out the Never Ending Pasta - as always -all opinions are my own.

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