Restaurant Review: Urban Grill Food Truck + Local Yokel - an organic market in Glendale

Recently I went to the Glendale Street Fair and luckily - I was hungry - so I decided to check out the food truck at the event. Now - after my recent post on Food Trucks - I was a bit worried - but I decided to try and go incognito. 

I stepped up to order and they asked my name and I sheepishly said - Um Heather - and they blew my cover and said, "Oh yes - we know." Well then why did you ask! Oh well. I was going to be brave.

I decided to get the Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese - I think it was $7. The portion-size was OK for the price. The macaroni was topped with chicken and then buffalo sauce and gorgonzola dressing.

They asked me if I wanted the Gorgonzola and I should have said no - I'm not a fan but I thought I had to go for the whole experience. It was pretty strong - just fyi - for all of you out there.

But let's break it down - the chicken was fine - tasted like most rotisserie chicken you get at the store - the buffalo was spicy - but not too spicy - I'd say it was an 8 on a 1-10 scale but I'm a wuss. The gorgonzola was STRONG. The mac & cheese wasn't great - it was pretty mushy and didn't have much flavor. I was hoping to like it more - but just didn't love it.

I have heard their burgers are really good - but I had been on a burger kick and couldn't eat another hunk of cow. I would be inclined to try that on my next outing.

Urban Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

While in Glendale I also checked out the new Local Yokel store across from Bob Ronkers on Sharon Rd. It's a locally-sourced organic market that opened a few months ago.

One of the interesting things I saw in the shop was their hummus made by the Chickpea Chicks in Hamilton. They had a Cincy Style that I think was meant to mimic the Cincinnati-style chili. They had a lot of flavors and it's all fresh.

In addition to the hummus they have a wide variety of locally-sourced organic products from breads to meats to sauces. There was also a couple of shelves of Gluten-Free items as well.

To be honest - I'm not sure how long the shop will last. It's a cute place and the owners are extremely friendly - I'm just not sure how many people will make a special trip there with such a small selection. I think they could benefit from some options that folks could pick up to make dinner that night (as opposed to frozen meats). I'd think of it like a Hello Fresh without the mail order!

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