RestaurantS Review: Quatman Cafe X 2!

As I've gone on my Cincinnati Burger Trek - one of my favorites - if not THE favorite - is at #45 on their list. But it's definitely in MY top 3! And that is...

Quatman Cafe has two locations in Cincinnati - the original in Norwood and the newer one in the heart of old Mason. Even with my LOVE of Quatman - I had actually never been to the Mason location.

We were recently on a drive with Larry's mom and hungry and stumbled into Mason and I said - QUATMAN!!!!! And that's when Larry just sighed and knew it was over. If I'm within 3 miles of these delicious burgers - I MUST HAVE THEM!

I love that the Mason location has a tile mosaic in the same vain as the Norwood location.

The menu is ridiculously simple and I never understand why anybody even looks at it. Mom just trusted me and we all got the same order - cheeseburger, fries, extra pickles.

Why Should You Go? OMG - so good - like seriously so delicious. The burger is definitely like a "house-burger" that you'd make at home. The cheese is definitely Land O'Lakes American - the very tastiest. The fries are skinny. The pickles - tart. The plate - PAPER!

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And then - we got to talking and turns out my coworker crew hadn't been to Quatman either! Well - Susie had NEVER been (for shame!) and Dawn hadn't been in probably 15 years. Since it's relatively close to downtown - we had to go!

Here's the mosaic in the Norwood location - it's of the original owner. The restaurant used to be a grocery store (pre-Kroger) - they tapered off in much more recent times to just having a deli counter and now that's even gone. :-(

They recently remodeled the Norwood location - and when I say remodel - I mean - complete gut & overhaul. I actually think the new location has lost the "charm" of the old - but luckily - the food didn't lose any of its charm!

The other thing we love about Quatman is that they have no soda loyalty! They have it all! I think that stems from their days as a grocery store - but it's awesome - I could have my Coca Cola and Dawn could have her Diet Pepsi!

Even though it may look different - the crowd is the same - this table of retireds got there the same time as we did. Noon on a Wednesday and they were cracking beers and gnoshing on burgers. I kinda wanted to barge in and hang with them for the rest of the day!

And there it is - my burger perfection - yet again. Boom.

In a moment akin to the Springer Moment at the end of a Jerry Springer show - here's my moment of wisdom:

I think in the world of "how tall can we make our burger" and "what random crap can we put on our burger" there is something fantastic about a simple delicious beef patty with a thick slice of American cheese and some damn good pickles. To all those 7" high burgers out there - sometimes simple wins out. 

Quatman Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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