Road Trip: Houdini's Escape Room - Montgomery

Recently I was invited to bring myself and 5 friends to Houdini's Room Escape in Montgomery.  

There are a few of these "room escape" places popping up around the city. I first heard about this type of thing on an episode of Big Bang Theory - when they did a "escape from a room with a zombie". 

Houdini's is in the heart of Montgomery and they have 3 rooms right now: 
  • The Tower - the Tower is a replica of the roof at Carew Tower 
  • The Lab - a Pandemic Lab where you have to save the world from the virus (zombie room without a zombie)
  • Houdini's Escape Room - Houdini's home & you have to find a few things of his for his show

We chose the Houdini room because of the availability the night we wanted to go. They have a really great calendar system for choosing a night - it's really helpful because you can see all the times and room availabilities based on your group size.

This room has a max of 10 - so we had our 6 and 3 extras - so that's kind of the fun of it - you might have extras in your group - but you all band together in a team effort!

I can't tell you anything about the room - but I will say there's a handy-dandy screen in the room - keep an eye on it! :-) 

It's really fun though because you're pitched in this room - with a couple of bare minimum clues of what to do (we were looking for a straight jacket) - but really no idea of what to do. The door shuts, the time starts and GO!

There are hidden puzzles and clues all over - but when you start - you haven't got a clue - so you just go to town! The group will sort of naturally break into smaller teams canvasing the room - teaming up on things - switching off when someone struggles - and just going and going and going!

And in the end - WE GOT OUT! Yes - Steve tried on the straight jacket after we escaped. I have to say - we BARELY got out - with 3 minutes to go. They said this room only has about a 40% success rate so we were really happy to make it out. It was pretty exciting! 

The other thing to add is that a DIVERSE group is really helpful. They had mentioned that a team of engineers didn't make it out! We had an accountant, a couple of gamers, a couple of teenagers and some marketing folks - so it was definitely a variety of folks on our team.  

Here's a peek at the Carew Tower - that room freaked me out when they showed it to me. I couldn't believe that there were enough things in there - it seemed sparse but they promised me - they were in there!

And here is part of our winning team! The teenagers & their dad took off - so this is just my group. We were so excited to get out of the room and succeed!

The kind folks at Houdini's also showed me a new room that they are building! I can't give you any clues - but I can't wait to do it!

I have to say this was a really really fun time - we had a total blast. This is great for friends or even a team-building experience for work. I, for one, can't wait to go back and try the other rooms. I also wouldn't worry at all if you only have 2-3 people - go ahead and throw yourself in with a group - you'll still have a great time!

Thanks again to Houdini's Room Escape for the generous night out!

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