Product Review: Bloomsy Box Flower Delivery

With holiday gift giving around the corner - sometimes it's tough to figure out what to get people you love! My Mom for example is super-tough to buy for - she doesn't ask for anything and frankly - she "needs" practical things - but it's not what she WANTS. I like to spoil her a little and do both! 

 The folks at BloomsyBox reached out to me to try their service - I thought I'd check it out before sending to someone else to see if I liked it! It's an online flower delivery subscription service.

They have three sizes to choose from - small, medium & large. I think the prices are pretty good for the different sizes!

Their flowers come from a variety of countries and are direct to you from the farm in 48 hours! The Gerberas would be amazing - right?! Daisies are my favorite!!! (hint hint for Larry)

In addition to the size selection - you can choose how long your subscription is - whether it's month-to-month or 3, 6 or 12 months. You can also send them to yourself (yes!) or to a friend. 

So the BloomsyBox arrived for me and I was super excited to open it because I didn't know what I was getting! They sent me a large order - just for reference sake. Everybody at work was all a flutter about who sent me flowers - I tried to start as many rumors as possible!

Here are the flowers I got - 2 dozen GINORMOUS pink roses! These roses were like the size of your fist! They were so big and beautiful and fragrant - and just perfect!

The flowers lasted a long time too - I really enjoyed them. It was nice to come into beautiful roses every day! The only trick was when I took them home for the weekend trying to keep the kitties from tasting them! They love flowers!

Thanks again to the folks at BloomsyBox for the free shipment! It's definitely a contender for Mom's birthday!

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