Recipe: Hussified Ribeye from #DArtagnanFeast

I get a lot of emails - I mean - who doesn't want a piece of the Food Hussy?! But seriously - I get a decent amount - and then come the holidays. Then I get a TON of email. Like a TON!!!!!!!

The nice thing is most of them are people wanting to send me free food. So yeah - there's that. 

I got a really interesting email from D'artagnan Foods - they have lots of MEAT!!!! It's more than that - it's fancy, gourmet gift baskets and products.  We were allowed to pick 3 items from a list of products and they would do their best to fulfill our wish list.

I chose the Duck Leg Confit ($13.99), 3-pack of bacon including 1 package of Duck Bacon!! (For the Love of Bacon Sample Back - $29.99) and...

 a Bone-out Wagyu Ribeye ($36.99). Oh my - this was definitely my first selection - I mean - I'm OBSESSED with Ribeye. Oh to spend $37 on a steak - hell yeah!

I decided to get some bang for my cooking buck and start with cooking the bacon. I tried the Applewood Smoked Pork first - and got out the cast iron skillet. It smelled decadent - smoky and sweet. I like my bacon underdone - I'm very picky when it comes to bacon - you'll see later how I like it... (cuz you care? oh well - I do)

So then - I decided to make some magic and I cooked the steak IN BACON GREASE!!! Well - I poured out most of the bacon grease but I left just a tiny bit in for flavor. Then I put the giant (I mean seriously thick) ribeye into the hot pan and just sizzled it!!! Then I sprinkled sea salt on top...

Then I added more magic - butter, Worcesterchire sauce and Gochujang Sauce (it's a thick red chili paste) . I got the idea from that other recipe I made with the Gochujang (it's SPICY) but I thought - let's just mix it all together in the pan and then keep flipping the steak in his juicy delicious "sauce". I have to say - the combo of Worcestershire, Gochujan and butter was TO DIE FOR!!!

The steak took quite a while to cook because of how thick it was. I like my cow mooing - and it still took a while. I would say if you're anything but a rare you would want to sear and then put in the oven to cook to desired doneness (remember my thumb test for checking your steak!).

So here is my bacon - I always wrap it in paper towels to absorb the fat. But yes- underdone - fatty and not too crispy - I hate when it crumbles - HATE!!!

Here's a piece of my perfectly cooked bacon - most people think I'm nuts - but it's my bacon my way - right?! That's really why I rarely order bacon in a restaurant - nobody makes it like that. It's always crispy - yucko!

Sometimes the most simple photo is the best. 

And yes - I like my cow to moo - some people might also think this is too underdone - but I love it. Moo moo moo! Just seeing this makes me drool all over again. Then a final sprinkling of Worcestershire for good measure. Here's the full recipe:

Hussified Ribeye

* Bacon
* 1 Beautiful Ribeye
* Sea Salt
* 2 T butter
* 1 T Gochujang sauce
* 1 T Worcestershire sauce

Cook bacon in cast iron skillet (however much you need/want - minimum 2 slices). Pour excess bacon grease out but leave just a skim in the bottom. While still fully hot, add the Ribeye to the hot skillet. Sprinkle sea salt on top and sear for 1 minute. Flip and salt the other side. Flip again and add butter, Gochujang and Worcestershire to the skillet. Stir together with fork. Flip and flip and flip until desired doneness. Feel free to spoon any leftover sauce in the skillet over the steak or sprinkle with another spritz of Worcestershire.

Thanks again to D'artagnan Foods for the meaty treats! And be sure to check them out for your gift needs - they also have recipes so you know what to do with the treats (like Fois Gras!).

Find them here:

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