Restaurant Review: Americano Burger Bar, Downtown Cincinnati

The other day - I got invited on a DATE! Okay - so it wasn't really my date - it was a date between my coworker and her husband - but it was still a date! Luckily they were up for a 3rd wheel! 

Deuce works at 84.51 - a newer offshoot company in downtown Cincinnati that took over a whole city block by Macy's. He had us meet him at one of the new restaurants downstairs in their building - Americano Burger Bar.

Americano has only been open a few days - so I was excited to get to try it. We did have a 30 minute wait (more on that in a minute) but there are a couple of stand up counters to wait at or you could play some shuffleboard.

The ceiling art is pretty awesome - it's made out of beer cans - Bud Light, Budweiser and Miller Light. I might have gawked at it for a bit.

I'm including the menu since their full site isn't up yet. They're seemingly owned by the same folks that own Via Vite & Forno. The menu looked pretty great - I was dying to try the Pretzels and the server said the wings are great but I got a little distracted by something else (you'll find out). I also considered the hot dogs because I love love love hot dogs!

But before we could actually get seated - we had a 30 minute wait. Turns out it was a kitchen wait - as there were tables open all around us. Then - after we'd been waiting for 20 minutes - we saw Mayor Cranley come in. Magically - he got seated right away!!! They apparently didn't know that the FOOD HUSSY was there!!!! And yes - I made Deuce & Susie pose for a fake photo so I could get one of the Mayor.

We really would have rather been seated and wait longer to be served rather than stand and wait for a table when we saw open tables all over. Deuce isn't a guy to wait for lunch - especially on a work day - but we begged and Susie worked her wifey-magic on him so he hung in there. Whew!

One of us - not to be named - tried the Winter Ale - pretty glasses...

So the side that I couldn't resist were the Mini Corn Dogs ($5). Susie and I decided to split a burger & sides - so this was the first of our split. I was REALLY looking forward to these.

The hot dogs were a good quality but I didn't care for the breading. Maybe ours were over done but it was so crispy that it basically just crumbled when you bit into it. There was none of that sweet breading that you should have.

We also got the House Sour Pickle ($4) to share. First - the stick goes into the pickle a long way - so watch out. Also - is everything served on a stick? We were REALLY disappointed in these. This was no different than a grocery store pickle. For $4 we were expecting something akin to the pickles at Incline Public House - and those are only a dollar!

Americano is also one of the places where the burgers don't come with anything - so fries are $3 for half order or $5 for a full.

But pickles on a stick do make for an automatic FOOD HUSSY FACE! See my boss follows me on Instagram and said "Do you have your mouth open in every photo?" Uh - yeah - pretty much - and now I definitely do! Well the FOOD HUSSY FACE gets contagious after a while...

(And - that's not my hair or a scarf - it was a sweater with a faux dead animal around the neck. I felt like I was in a production of Cats all day long!)

Oh yeah - Susie tried it but all the stick food made her laugh - it takes talent to make stupid a$$ faces and not laugh! Amateur hour... ;-)

Now - onto the burger - Deuce got the Americano ($10) and we got the Porkopolis ($12). This is the Americano - Deuce had just been to Chandlers on the West side (which I've heard is fantastic) and said he liked this burger better.

Susie and I split the Porkopolis - which was shocking since I'm a rare/medium rare and she's a well-done - but we compromised on "Not Pink" and were both happy. I don't think it's the best burger but it was good and I liked the fact that the burger wasn't 10 feet high. This was a burger that was actually edible! Good job!

After our burgers - Deuce took us on a tour of 84.51 - his workplace. The view from the outside deck is great! Selfie time!

It's quite a company/office! There is "digital dust" when you walk in the door (video floor - pretty cool) and inside there are all these funky cards hanging from the ceiling that seem random but when you stand on a specific spot - they spell out messages. Pretty cool.

All their kitchens have different designs - I'm a bit obsessed with pink and loved the Flying Pig kitchen - pink walls, pink stools, pink gumball machine - I might have started to lose it at this point!

Then there's a BigFoot hanging out and he busted into my Neanderthal selfie - how dare he!

It was fun to check out a different office space and I will say - this one was impressive! Meditation rooms, a gym, hot cocoa Friday and more. Thanks to Deuce for the grand tour!

Why Should You Go? While Americano wasn't my favorite burger and they seated Cranley before me - it was still a good burger. I would recommend splitting a burger and some sides - there are so many sides to try - I think I'll do that again sometime soon! It is a bit pricey for coming alone - but I guess that's the world we live in right now. Americano Burger Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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