Restaurant Review: The Village Tavern - Montgomery

A few weeks back I told you about our totally fun night at Houdini's Escape Room! Well that same night before our grand escape - we had to get some dinner! 

Because it was so close - we stopped at the Village Tavern in Montgomery. It's been there forever and is a pretty popular watering hole but they also have quite the menu.

soft pretzels - $5.95 - served with cheese sauce and honey mustard

Larry and I started out with some soft pretzels - I love when they deep fry them quick - they're so crispy and buttery. For a change I was all about the mustard - normally I'm a cheeze girl. :-)

Chili cheese fries - $7.25 - crispy fries covered in tavern chili and melted cheddar jack cheese

Our friends got the Chili Cheese fries - looks a bit of a hot mess to me - but they seemed to enjoy it. 

chuck norris - $8.50 - 1/2 lb. hand pattied certified angus beef blackened, cooked to 
order and topped with bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, field greens, cranberries, 
toasted almonds and drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette
Steve & Marla split the Chuck Norris - which seems like one of the more unique burgers I've seen in Cincinnati - it's basically got a Dewey's salad on top of a burger - what the what? But hey - they liked it!

the bonanza - $8.50 - 1/2 lb. hand pattied certified angus beef cooked to order and 
topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and 2 beer battered onion rings
I went for something a little more normal in the Bonanza Burger - it was huge. The onion rings were good - (but started frozen - I learned that from my time in the Frisch's commissary). The bun was nice - not just a normal cheap bun. All in all it was an ok burger - a little more done than I like and not a lot of flavor in the burger - but it was okay.

Why Should You Go? The entrees were fine but the apps were really good - and they have quite a few to choose from - as well as a few salads to choose from. I would definitely go back.

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