Food Hussy Makeover at Cincy Blow Dry Bar & Salon

There are times when the Food Hussy's filing system breaks down - so my apologies to my good friend Jennie at Motherhood Support and the good folks at the Cincy Blow Dry Bar & Salon - I wasn't required to blog about my trip but I had a great time so I definitely wanted to share with my online friends. :-)

The Blow Dry Bar & Salon is in West Chester just past the new Liberty Way development (which houses Brio where I stopped last fall). The decor inside is really pretty - I didn't get any pictures but it's lots of white, pink and mirrors - it's very shiny.

CBD is a full service salon featuring the Blow Dry Bar in the front. For the Blow Dry bar - they can wash your hair or don't have to and you'll be seated in the front while they blow your hair out. That was fun to be in front and feeling like you're the feature of the experience.

And for me - they had their work cut out for them! I have thick, naturally curly hair which did - at the time - have a Keratin treatment to make it straighter.

They do have different styles of blow-outs which mostly all cost $35 each.  I know from my normal stylist that I have a LOT of hair and it takes forever to blow out - so I just decided on having it straight.

One of the other visitors went for the big curls - which I was COMPLETELY in love with. I really would love to have done this - but it takes almost an hour just to get my hair straight - I wasn't in the mood to sit for another 45 minutes for this.

And there we have it - the end result of my blow out! It was fine. I think others had a better experience with the hair side. My stylist pulled on my hair a lot and it wasn't very soft when it was done. I think Fayme at Salon M has me spoiled - when she's done with my hair it's super soft.  (If you have curly hair - you probably don't trust many people with your hair - you can trust Fayme - she's awesome.)

Jennie from Motherhood Support was one of our hostesses and she got a new cut the same night. It's so fun when we have these blogger events because it's a reunion every time! She's one of my favorites!

The Blow Dry Bar also has a make-up artist - Alexa Rae and she is amazing. Like seriously - I can't say enough wonderful things about Alexa. The above is a split-screen of the before & after makeup. There was a beauty blogger there and after seeing her do my makeup - she said that she would actually let Alexa do her makeup - which is a HIGH compliment! 

It took about 45 minutes - so this isn't something I could do myself. The service costs $40. (Thanks to the Blow Dry Bar for providing all of these services for free that night.) 

I love how much bigger my eyes look and how they really stand out after Alexa did her thing. 

Here's a better shot of the whole thing - I loved it. She did a fantastic job and was very gentle with her application and just super friendly all the while. I would not hesitate to go back again!

She was so good I had to get a quick pic with her - so yeah - she's adorable too - ugh!  

The makeup job was so great I did everything in my power to sleep in it. I know - you shouldn't sleep in makeup - but I needed more people to see me all fancied up! I literally did not move in my sleep. Frankly - I slept like crap - but it was worth it. :-)

So here's the trilogy - I'm not sure which makeover should be applauded more - Miss Congeniality, Princess Diaries or Food Hussy?! But I think mine is right up there. Thanks again to Cincy Blow Dry Bar & especially Alexa!

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