Restaurant Review + Giveaway: O'Charley's

One of the best things about the new move is all the new restaurants on our exit! 
I love getting to try new places!

Among a few new local places - we also have an O'Charley's on our exit. I actually hadn't been before - but I had heard tall tales of something called FREE PIE WEDNESDAY - so I was excited to try it.

First we started with fresh baked yeast rolls - they were super soft and warm and served with soft butter! They were delicious and we scarfed them down.

I wanted something other than soda so I decided to try one of their made-from-Scratch Strawberry Lemonades.

It was very refreshing!!! I loved it! I love when restaurants have something unique and different than just regular old soda or water.

O'Charley's has a bunch of new Southern Inspired menu items that we decided to try. The photos here are from a few different visits and one of those visits was provided by O'Charleys.

Fried Green Tomatoes ($5.99) - Crispy slices of tart, fried green tomatoes topped with tangy Tennessee Chow-Chow Relish and drizzled with our smoky sweet BBQ sauce.

These were shockingly delicious! I had Fried Green Tomatoes for the first time at Maxine's in Indianapolis and didn't really love them. They were okay - but O'Charleys were 100x better! The addition of the chow-chow relish and the bbq sauce was perfect! It added a juiciness and texture that were much needed. Plus the tomatoes had a cornmeal coating that made them very crunchy. 

Larry liked them so much (which I did not expect) that he ordered them again on our second visit! 

Southern Style Crispy Pickle Chips ($6.49) - Cornmeal breaded, crispy dill pickle chips served with our Old Bay Mayo.

I wanted to try the pickle chips because I'm obsessed with them. The pickle chips have the same breading as the tomatoes so they were very crispy. The portion size is large and definitely enough for 4 to share. The Old Bay Mayo was a zippy dip as well! 

Spinach & Artichoke Dip ($6.99) - A creamy blend of spinach and artichoke hearts topped with shaved parmesan cheese. Served warm with crisp tortilla chips and salsa.

Larry also loves Spinach & Artichoke Dip - so he gobbled this up. I thought it was a little watery myself. I'll save my calories for the vats of honey mustard I'm going to consume. 

O'Charley's Famous Chicken Tenders & Twisted Chips ($9.99) - Double hand-breaded Chicken Tenders served with Honey Mustard dressing and our Twisted Chips.

And this is how I consume some of that delectable honey mustard! O'Charley's has a great $9.99 menu with 9 meals to choose from! One of those is my FAVORITE! I always love me some chicken tenders and these were super crispy and still juicy inside. Then they also had the awesome twisted chips! I love those things and usually only get them at carnivals. Yum! 

Filet Mignon with Garlic Butter ($18.99) - Our most tender and juicy steak, a 7-oz. center-cut fresh filet mignon is topped with garlic butter and served with your choice of two side items. 

On another visit I tried the Filet Mignon and wowza - so delicious! This steak was prepared perfectly. I have also been CRAVING baked potatoes - I have no idea why - but I can't get enough of them so it was great to have a good one! 

Perfectly rare steak! So delicious!!!! 

(I like the cow to moo at me.) 

Here's a shot of some of their Southern inspired dishes...which I tried both of them!

Savannah Crab Cake - Pan-seared lump crab cakes served over creamy skillet corn with bacon and tomatoes, drizzled with our Old Bay Mayo.

First up was the crab cake - it was a little different than most I've had. I liked that there was very little breading - it was very crabby. Surprisingly the best part was the creamy corn skillet underneath! I ate every single bite of that! All in all - a good crab cake. 

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich ($9.99) - Born in Nashville. Deep-fried boneless chicken breast that has been basted with our spicy hot chicken sauce, stacked on our Southern Coleslaw, topped with dill pickles and served on a toasted brioche bun.

Then there was the big guy - the new Nashville Hot Chicken - this is all the rage right now and I had to try it. I'm not a lover of spicy - but for research purposes - I went for it! (And I've been dying to try their Prime Rib Pasta - but I held off for this.) 

The sandwich is HUGE! There was no way I could eat all of it so I decided to cut it in half and give it the old college try. It was really good. It was a thick, juicy piece of chicken that was super crispy on the outside and doused in hot & spicy sauce. Thankfully the coleslaw and pickles serve as a cooling factor. It really is a great combination.

It was a little spicy for me - by the time I got through half the sandwich - I had a little mouth fire going - but it wasn't so much so that it hurt. I would say if you like spicy - you'll like it. If you love spicy - you might still want a little more.

I was killin the honey mustard after that sandwich - dipping the fries in it and practically drinking it! It's so good...and cooling. :-)

Bacon & Bourbon Glazed Filet Mignon ($18.99) - A juicy 7-oz. center-cut filet mignon topped with our smoky bourbon glaze with chopped applewood-smoked bacon.  Served with your choice of two side items.

Larry went for the same thing on every visit - the Bourbon Glazed Filet. He is a creature of habit so when he liked it the first time - he kept going back for it. As long as he's happy - I'm happy. 

We used to be die-hard Longhorn Steakhouse people - because it was so close to the house - and while I really miss our bartenders over at Longhorn Colerain - we really like O'Charley's and will be going back...especially because of...

FREE PIE WEDNESDAY!!!! That's right - every Wednesday you get a free piece of pie with your order. And let me tell you - this is some damn good pie. They own a bakery in their franchise and they make the pies (they also make the pies for Village Inn - which is an Iowa place I used to go all the time.)

After chatting with the District Manager, he said that they do more business on Wednesday than some of their competitors do on a Saturday. Sounds like the free pie is working for you.

And - if you haven't had the Mint Brownie Blast - you have to try it. It's only there for a limited time (hope it's not gone already) - they bring it back every so often. Holy smokes it's delicious. I don't even really like mint! But it's a brownie on the bottom then a really light mint whipped topping and then chocolate. Yum!!!! I took home a piece and savored it over 2 days!

Southern Pecan Pie ($3.99) - Awarded a Blue Ribbon by the American Pie Council, our pecan pie is made with butter and brown sugar then topped with plenty of pecans for a deep nutty flavor. Served with a dollop of real whipped cream.

I also tried a piece of the Pecan Pie on a separate occasion. This was not savored. It was DEVOURED. There's just something I love about Pecan Pie and I will never ever ever turn down a piece. Oh so good! 

So there you have it - 3 visits to O'Charleys rolled into one. We really liked it - obviously since we went back before they even hosted me! But now - it's your turn to try some of these delicious menu items because they gave me a handful of O'Charley's bucks! 

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