Restaurant Review: Taft Ale House - OTR (Best Salad!!)

We decided to have a fun end-of-the-year lunch for work - our plan was to go to Nation Kitchen & Bar - we called ahead and said we had a big group and were on our way. And in the 10 minutes it took to get from our office to the Nation - another big party came and STOLE OUR TABLE! We left our name and everything! They didn't check the name - they just saw a big group and gave it away! 

So there we are - a party of 15 - with no place to go and the clock for lunch is ticking!!! What are we to do???? Luckily - one of our guys had a place in mind - so off we went! 

Taft Ale House - I'd heard great things but had never been - so I'm always up for something new and fun. As you can tell by the outside - it's a former church and it's beautiful! I couldn't wait to get inside!

And once inside, no disappointment there! The chandelier looks like a crown on my head right?! It's really nice inside - rustic but yet respectful of its origins!

The beer list was passed around - no ciders - but I did spot one with some fruit in it - so I was trying that one.

I also glanced at the menu and saw my ever-loved Certified Angus Beef logo! That right there was a sign for me that I was about to have a delicious lunch.

Here was my Nellie's Key Lime Caribbean Ale. I'm not a big beer lover but someone at the table that is said this is like Bud Light Lime - but good. :-) I think that's a compliment. I did like it - still a little bitter - I would have liked a plate of limes to go with it - but we were already a party of 15 - I didn't want to be too needy.

Onto the food! They have tater tots!!! My boss ordered the Ale House sandwich (Thinly sliced Tri-Tip Steak, Alehouse Onions, bleu cheese, red ranch sauce - $9.50) with tots.

Dawn got the Bacon Cheddar (Thinly sliced Tri-Tip Steak, applewood smoked bacon, melted cheddar, red ranch sauce - $9.50) with sweet potato fries.

Tino - who reco'd the place - reco'd the Tri Tip Steak Salad (Crisp lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, croutons, carrots, red radish, Tri-Tip Steak, honey-basil vinaigrette or ranch dressing - $12).

I couldn't decide between the honey-basil and the ranch - so I GOT BOTH! I mean - why not?

I ended up using both dressings and they were both delicious! This salad was delicious. The steak was PERFECTION. It is their specialty and with good reason - it was the perfect medium rare and I could have just eaten piles and piles of the tri tip.

Tino warned me it was really a STEAK salad  - and he was right. There was salad but it was really just a steak & dressing delivery tool - but a good one at that. I think I can say - hands down - that this was the best salad I have had in Cincinnati. The steak was juicy with a salty crust and that perfect fantastic texture of a perfect medium rare.

So delicious.

Then as we walked back to our car near the Nation - I saw this on a wall. How could I NOT take a picture?

Why Should You Go? The steak. Oh yeah - beer too - but really - THE STEAK!

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