Road Trip & Restaurant Review: JAFB & City Square Steakhouse - Wooster, OH

Last week I got to show you around Main Street Wooster - and it was so much fun! This week - it's about BEER + COW! (Thanks again to Main Street Wooster and Green Door Media for the trip.)

After our lengthy day of shopping - we hiked it from the hotel to JAFB - the brewery in Wooster. This place was HOPPING! There was a polka band on tap - and mind you this was a Wednesday night...

The girls and I tried the Wayne County Cream Ale and it was tasty! They had no ciders on tap - so I had to go for the lightest beer - which was fine. It tasted good and made my sore tootsies feel a little better.

And then - just like Buddy the Elf - I yelled SANTA'S HERE!!!!!! Polka Santa was coming by to say hello and I had to get a pic with the bearded one.

The thing to note is the super eclectic crowd. This is a microbrewery near a college in a small farming town on a Wednesday night with a polka band - and IT WAS PACKED. I mean PACKED! There were college kids, farming guys, old people, young people and even Judge Smails and Napoleon Dynamite. (Oh how I wish I'd been able to sneak photos - but trust me - it was them.)

We had a great time - you can bring your own food because they don't serve any - and the crowd was super friendly. I highly recommend it if you're nearby. If you're from there - I'm sure you already know how great it is!

After a beer - we headed back to the other end of downtown (a brisk ten minute walk) to dine at The City Square where giant hunks of cow awaited us.

Oh Certified Angus Beef - how I love you.  Let me just get on my soap box here for un momento. Are you a Kroger shopper? Have you never experienced the wonderment of Certified Angus Beef? Well - do me this one favor. Buy all your other overpriced groceries at Kroger...but then stop by Meijer and get a CAB Ribeye. Meijer carries a great selection of CAB and I buy nothing else. After you cook that ribeye up (here's how you pan-sear to a perfect med rare) - come back and let me know how truly amazing it was and how thankful you are that you FINALLY took my advice. :-)

We started off with fresh baked bread - super warm and served with soft butter. Very tasty - we all scarfed this one down.

For an appetizer - there was a lot to choose from: brisket, cheese fries, crab cakes and more - but we landed on the Chef's Cheese Board ($12). With a selection of Sheep's Milk Cheese, Gouda, Goat Cheese, Honey, Dates, Pecans and Crackers - it was tasty! I loved the goat cheese drizzled in honey but it was all very tasty. I would have liked if the pecans had a little sweetness to them.

This Wedge Salad ($7.95) was one of my top Instagram pics in 2015! But when you smother anything with bacon and blue cheese - it's a good bet that people will drool. I'm not the biggest blue cheese fan but I was in the mood and it was a great combo. 

Then - the ribeye. Ohio-sourced, Certified Angus, center cut Ribeye ($33.95). There was a side of mashed potatoes but I was getting full - so I barely touched them. They were fine - seemed cheesy but I don't think they were. Not the best I've had - a little too gloppy. But again - I barely touched them. There was a beautiful hunk of cow that needed to be devoured.

Oh my - just look at that beautiful hunk of cow. Crispy salty sear on the outside - perfect mid-rare on the inside. I savored every bite. This is a good steak.

I'm not sure how it happened - but I seemed to channel my friend Danielle and locate a dessert pocket somewhere in my belly. The server said Creme Brulee and I said yes before even thinking. Other people were drinking coffee or booze...I was completely satisfied with my creamy goodness.

Why Should You Go? If you want delicious steak - it's the place to go. :-)

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