Food Hussy DIY: $1 Valentine's Day Glitter Heart Craft!

Every once in a while I go to the store and see some random crafty item and think, "Oh I can do something with that! It'll be super simple!" And then - it sits in my craft closet for days, weeks, months, years... But not this time!!!

This time - I went...

Okay - so it's not revolutionary - but it's one of those things that anybody can do - you can do with the kids and you can take some creative liberties!

So I got this paper mache-type heart at Meijer for $1! I mean - one little dollar! I had to buy it! It's a blank slate!

First thing I did was grab the Mod Podge - there are a million kinds and there's even some recipes to make your own on Pinterest - but hey - I - as you can see - paid out the nose for this at Hobby Lobby.

The heart had lines on it - so I painted the Mod Podge on one side - I was planning for fancy stripes. (Notice I say "planning for")

Then I grabbed the glitter. My boss refers to glitter as the "Herpes of the Craft World" and now I understand why. I laid down one of those 99 cent tablecloths but still had glitter on my shirt, my hands, my face, etc. Luckily none on the table!

The other thing I'll say is that I had a jar of Martha Stewart glitter (pink) and cheap Meijer glitter (silver) - the Martha glitter is MUCH better quality. The silver seemed like little shards of metal and the container was like a cheap spice jar so it was a pain to get back in the jar. The Martha had a shaker top and was easy to handle. It was also a much finer grain - similar to salt.

 Then I flipped the heart around and painted the other edge with Mod Podge - then more glitter!!!!

So amazing - right?!

After it dried for a hot minute - I painted the middle with Mod Podge (which is so darned thick!!) and then added the cheap silver glitter (boo!). I shook it off after each sprinkle and then used paper to scoop the loose glitter back into the jars.

This was a bit tedious and the Mod Podge was so thick - I decided to just do the back in all pink. It's the back - who will know?!

I remembered that I had Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer in the craft room - so I took it outside (it was 50 degrees that day) and sprayed it quick on both sides. I figure this would keep the glitter on a little better. I let it sit in the bathroom for a day or so to let it dry and set.

But when you're done - it's a pretty shiny sparkly heart! And since I had everything but the heart in my craft closet - it only cost me $1!

I hope you enjoy this craft and make it creative and fun in your own way! You could use paint, you could use paper, you could use stickers - whatever! How would you make your heart glitter? 

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