Restaurant Review: Copper Blue - Milford

The hubby works weekends and we don't get to see each other much - so I like to drop by with lunch. The thing is - we get tired of fast food and fast casual - so every now and then I throw in a "sit-down" restaurant just to keep him on his toes. 

So I decided on Copper Blue in Milford. We had been once a few years back but were definitely due for another visit - especially since this is our 'hood now! 

I got Larry the cod sandwich & fries ($9.99) - we're both suckers for a fish sandwich. I snuck a bite and it was tasty. The fries are huge thick cut and - with takeout - they're never quite crispy - but I don't hold that against them.

I went for the Steak Salad but didn't really read the whole description - you see the Steak Salad is grilled & sliced sirloin + french fries on top of the Sam's Salad ($11.99).

The Sam's Salad is what I forgot to check - it's loaded with bibb & romaine lettuce, shallots, tomatoes, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and sunflower seeds. This is a big salad with tons of goodies. You better like bleu though - because the chunks are big and very very bleu!!!

It came with fries & a sirloin steak in foil to top the salad with (and some delicious ranch). The Ranch was super good - thick which is the way it should be! I was dipping the fries in it. The sirloin was lean - a bit too lean for me - there just wasn't a ton of flavor. It was also a little more done than I would like - I'm a medium rare gal - but again - when you get take out it has more time to continue cooking after it's off the heat. So tip - if you order takeout - order it more rare.

I'd like to see the presentation in restaurant - because the fries seem a bit odd in this version. I also would like the steak cut into smaller pieces - just tough to do with a plastic knife. :-)

The salad had a ton of ingredients though and the dressing was good - so it was good. I practically stuck my nose in the little cup to get it all out!

Why Should You Go? It was a good salad. People seem to like the place quite a bit. We'll have to go back sometime and dine in.

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