Restaurant Review: Kitchen 452 - Walnut Hills

A few of us girls decided to have lunch and wanted someplace new and Susie found Kitchen 452 over in Walnut Hills. I'm always down for new so let's go! 

I wanted to take this shot to capture the iconic church in the background. Kitchen is on Woodburn and heads right into Walnut Hills.

It's a small little place with maybe a dozen tables at most. They have these cute jars up front to take to your table. There are herbs growing around the place and it's a very open kitchen.

The menu is up on the wall and at the counter. There are a lot of sandwich & sides options. I don't know that I would call the menu "healthy" but I would say it's simple and along the lines of the "clean eating" movement that is popular right now.

I chose the Pimiento Grilled Cheese on Shadeau multi grain bread ($7.29) and instead of pita chips - got a side of Shaved Brussel Sprouts with red onion and pecorino cheese tossed in a honey mustard dressing ($3).

I've never had Pimiento Cheese but it sounded good. The sandwich was OK - I think after half I was kind of done with it. I could have added meat to it - but that was another $2 - and I didn't think I needed to bump it up that much cost-wise. The bread was great - I've heard great things about Shadeau! It was also not greasy or buttery in any way - I'm pretty sure they must have used some sort of dry grill.

The shaved brussel sprout salad was also just ok at best. The serving size was really large - that's a LOT of salad. I was expecting it to be warm - not sure why - so the temperature surprised me a bit (completely on me). It was very much like cole slaw but I felt like it needed more dressing and variety in flavor and texture.

The girls both got the same thing - hot ham & swiss with green apples & dijon mustard on Shadeau multi-grain bread ($7.79) and that came with a side of pita chips. They both really liked it and said the apples were a welcome surprise.

Why Should You Go? Well - I didn't love what I got but the girls did. I was a little disappointed in the salad menu as well - there were only two options - seems like you could do a lot more. But if you're into clean eating - I think you'll like it.

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