Restaurant Review: Lost Flamingo - Loveland

I finally got a chance to try the other new place near my house - Lost Flamingo Seafood Grill. It's on Route 28 and has been quite a few different places over the years but I have a feeling this one will stick. 

 They've got a big parking lot as well as a large outdoor patio (closed for now). 

 Inside they've done up the Fisherman's Wharf theme all around the place. It's a pretty non-descript interior after that. There's a bar area and a stage as well - it sounds like they plan on having live music on a regular basis.

It turns out they just opened in late 2015 - and if it all seems a little familiar - there's a reason for that! I was with my East-sider friend Kelly and said that it sort of reminded me of Pelican's Reef on Beechmont. Once our server came over she explained that - it's the same owner!

Kelly got the Grilled mahi mahi dinner ($14) 12oz mahi filet grilled & 2 sides. You can choose from plain – blackened - Teriyaki pineapple and garlic butter. She liked the Mahi and her sides - the broccoli looked really good - and I'll touch on the mac in a minute. 

Other side options include fries, garlic bread, caesar salad, house salad, cole slaw, mac & cheese or onion rings. 

They have a wide selection of appetizers including conch fritters - which are rare to come across in these parts! I had them once in the Virgin Islands and didn't really care for them - but I know a lot of people like them. 

I went for the The “Trident” seafood broil - shrimp, crab cake and scallops broiled in garlic butter and served with 2 sides - $19 and chose garlic bread and macaroni & cheese for my sides. 
First - the mac & cheese was great! I don't usually like homemade but this was cheesy enough to satisfy. The noodles were overcooked but that's typical for homemade to me- all in all - I liked it for sure and would get it again. 
As for the Trident. The shrimp scampi was good and was not overcooked. The small scallops were my favorite - those can so easily get overcooked but they were perfect - a little "medium rare" if you can use that term with seafood.  The only thing I didn't love were the crab cakes - they were very loose - lots of crab - I just didn't love the flavor and texture.

We weren't going to get any dessert but the server told us about the cobbler and we tried it. It's a homemade peach cobbler with ice cream. It was okay but my mom's Peach Cobbler is way better. We did kill it though - so it couldn't have been too bad. I would love to try their Carrot Cake!

I grabbed a few more pics of the interior...

 The big tiki bar...

and the beautiful cichlid tank! We used to have a bunch of cichlids - this made me miss them for sure!

Why Should You Go? I love supporting local restaurants and am always craving seafood. I wish they had King Crab since that's my favorite - but I've learned how to make that myself - so it's all good. Bottom line - if you like Pelican's Reef - you'll like the Lost Flamingo. 
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