Review + Giveaway: Smokey Bones 35 Ounce Ribeye!!!

The folks at Smokey Bones know the way to my heart...we're about to discuss a ginormous bone-in ribeye. Hells yeah! 

Smokey Bones is located in West Chester and by the name - yes they're known for their barbecue. They're off Exit 19 (the Ikea exit). There used to be one in Eastgate but it closed last fall.

They invited me for this magical event - a 35 ounce giant ribeye (my favorite cut of steak). It's bone-in and ginormous! And - if you and your whomever like their steak cooked the same way - it's a pretty good deal. For $60 you get 2 pounds of ribeye + two side salads + two double portions of regular sides + a bag of homemade-to-order donuts!!! This is definitely enough for 2-3 people and at $60 - it's a good deal for all that food!

We started with the Skillet Cornbread which is served with honey-pecan butter. The cornbread is very cake like - a bit too cake-y for me.  The butter was delicious though!

We also got our side salads - it was a good salad with lots of extras in it. 


Do you hear that? What you say? The chorus of angels singing over my head when this was brought to my table! Oh my - just look at it. Bask in its glory. I started to get the meat sweats just looking at it.

We got sides too - broccoli, baked potatoes, corn, etc. I love when they salt the baked potatoes. I'm on this crazy baked potato kick lately - I can't get enough of them!

Again - isn't it beautiful?!

The salty, crispy char. The bone sticking out - just letting that meaty, juicy dripiness hang on for dear life until I dig in and devour.

Now - here's the sad part for me. My mother-in-law was with us so Larry made me order it medium. To me - this is blasphemy. It's just wrong. Steaks come in rare or medium rare - that's it - there is no other answer. Luckily the edges were more medium rare - so I enjoyed those throughly and left the more medium areas for her and Larry.

The medium rare areas were delicious and I was honestly surprised at how well it was prepared and cooked knowing how thick this was. There was enough for all 3 of us plus a good chunk to take home for leftovers!

And then when there's a giant bone-in ribeye - you must expectme to take ridiculous selfies. Duh.

We were all too full for donuts so we got them to go. They were sugar-coated and came with a side of raspberry sauce and a side of chocolate sauce. They were tasty and still warm when I got home - which was enough time for my belly to make room for sugary treats!

All in all - it was a good dinner and we all enjoyed the ginormous ribeye - goofy faces and all!

Why Should You Go? If you can turn down a 35 ounce ribeye - then I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. :-)

Now you can enter to win a $75 gift card to Smokey Bones!!!! Sounds delish!!!

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