Meatless Friday Recipe: Vegetarian BLT

I'm happy to be on Local 12 this morning making something a little unique - they wanted me to come on and make something for Lent. I found a great recipe on Veganosity for a vegetarian BLT (say what???) and wanted to share it with my good friends Bob & Sheila.

It's a pretty simple recipe - you mix together 1/4 cup of Maple Syrup and 1-2 oz of Liquid Smoke - stir it up and there's your marinade. 

Then you drop in some thinly sliced portabella mushroom strips. The recipe called to marinate them for 15 minutes on each side. I think I would slice the mushrooms a little thicker than these (these were very thin) and marinate for maybe 10 minutes on each side. 

 After marinating, pop them in a skillet and cook the up! That's it - super simple! It takes a few minutes to cook on each side - but goes pretty quickly.

Then layer it up just like any other BLT - tomatoes, lettuce, mayo + toast! You'll have a great meatless BLT and won't even notice that the bacon is missing. The smoky & maple flavors really add a lot to the mushroom. It's also one of those things that when you put all the toppings on - you still get the same flavors - without the fat and meat.

So - Happy Lent!

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