Restaurant Review + Giveaway: Parkers Blue Ash Tavern

The generous folks at Parkers Blue Ash Tavern reached out to me and sent me a gift card to enjoy dinner for two last fall - but my move and life got in the way - luckily I was FINALLY able to get there and try it out! (Plus - goodies for you!) 

Parkers has had a few chefs throughout the years but the GM has been there since it opened in 1981. Executive Chef Joel Gregorcyk has been there since 2015 and was previously at Local 127, Palomino and Coopers Hawk.

It's a great property and is very welcoming - don't you want to just run on in?

The interior is designed with horses in mind at every turn. Historic saddles of big race winners adorn the front entry. We were seated in near the huge stone fireplace and we were hungry!

I started with the Tavern Wedge ($8) with Iceberg lettuce, Maytag blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon and tomatoes. Did you know the Maytag blue cheese is from Iowa? Just like me! 

The salad was great - blue cheese has definitely grown on me - it's not my favorite but I appreciate it for sure. 

 They also brought out fresh whole grain bread and soft butter - oh how I love (and miss) soft butter. (I'm on Weight Watchers now - bye bye butter.)

Larry was pleased as punch that they had his favorite beer on tap - Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Their tap room has quite a selection of craft beers.

Larry went the simple route and got the 7 oz Filet Mignon ($34) - he did ask for the bearnaise on the side (eggs - no can do) and mashed potatoes instead of the gratin. He thoroughly enjoyed his steak and the mashed potatoes were great too (I snagged a bite).

I went for the 7 oz Filet Mignon Oscar ($42) - It was served with a side of fontina potatoes au gratin.

Oscar style was named after Swedens King Oscar II who loved the ingredients of asparagus, crab and bearnaise sauce. The bearnaise is a sauce of clarified butter and egg yolks with tarragon & shallots. So consider your history lesson done for the day. :-)

Of course I ordered my steak medium rare and it was perfect. I'm a fan of the mooing cow - and this fit the bill for sure. I liked the Oscar portion of the steak but think I still prefer it straight up with Worcestershire.

The fontina potatoes gratin were pretty good - I love the thin layers of potato basically melded together with a cheese sauce. I think though - I may not love fontina cheese - it's a rich, soft Italian cheese and in my head - I thought I smelled truffle at the time - but it may just be the cheese which is pungent. I hate truffle oil - so the thought of it prematurely ended my joy devouring of the potatoes.
The restaurant has a very cozy feel with a variety of rooms and fire places all with the barn-like atmosphere.

Here's the tap room which was very popular on this particular evening - definitely someplace to stop.

I couldn't help but take home some dessert - Jeanie's Carrot Cake ($8) fit the bill because I'm mildly obsessed with carrot cake. It was packed with goodies like golden raisins, pineapple and walnuts.

Why Should You Go? It's great all around. The food is good and the atmosphere is cozy. I've heard their brunch is even better. So much so that I'm giving away Brunch for 2!

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