Restaurant Review: Green Derby - Newport, KY

My friends and I go out to lunch quite a bit and it's super nice because they indulge me in trying new places we've never been or even heard of. 

Last week Dawn and I decided to get lunch at the Green Derby in Newport. We'd driven by it a million times - I had figured it to be a dark dive - but I was wrong.

To quote Bart Simpson, au contraire mon frère, the Green Derby is an an old people restaurant! It was really busy - so I figure that's a good sign.

We started out with...crackers and butter. I have to say I've never had crackers and butter but I'm always up to try anything!

Here I go! Of course it was tasty - I mean - it's crackers and butter - how could it not be?!

Dawn got the Lunch Fish & Chips ($10) and said it was really great. So great she let me try a bite - and yum-o! It's battered and fried - which the batter-dipped is my favorite. The portion size was great - very hearty for a lunch portion.

I was not on Weight Watchers at the time and went cow-razy. I got the Ribeye Steak Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes & Cream Gravy ($9).

I love a cream gravy - it's always my absolute favorite. The mashed potatoes were DEFINITELY made from scratch. The gravy needed a little salt but it was pretty great. Homemade Yum! It was a huge portion as well. 

And then the Ribeye Sandwich - I ordered it Medium Rare - which made me so happy to be able to get to choose. The sandwich was a bit messy - even rye bread can't really handle a whole steak. It was super thin but still medium rare - which is not easy to do. I loved it for sure.

Why Should You Go? Cuz it's awesome! I mean - CRACKERS & BUTTER! But the ribeye sandwich and fish & chips were both big hits - so I definitely think it's a place to go again!

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  1. We had a party of nine for dinner last night. What a disaster! We should have known it was going to be bad as our table was dirty and sticky. We used wet wipes to clean it ourselves.

    The evening starts out with our waitress dumping a complete tray of ice water on my wife's head and back. She stands there apologizing and makes no effort to retrieve anything so my wife could attempt to dry her soaked clothes. We had to tell her to go get some towels. She returns with dirty dingy bar towels and starts wiping the chair paying no attention to my wife who shivering and saturated with ice water. We had to tell her once again to go get a towel so the wife could attempt to dry off. More dirty bar towels arrive.

    The salad course arrives and not one person at the table received the salad they ordered. We had to pass around every salad. How hard is it to remember who ordered what?

    Two of us ordered the Center-Cut Pork Chops described on the menu as.
    Breaded or grilled, served with creamy and delicious, house-made gravy. Both orders arrive alone and naked on the plate, no gravy. When I question the waitress about this she tells me you have to ask to have the gravy. What are we, psychics? Silly us thinking we will actually receive what the menu describes.

    But wait, there's more. Everyone at the table agreed the food was sub-standard. We decided to leave and asked for our checks. Half the table received them. The other half did not. After a fifteen minute wait we finally got up to leave and had to search for the waitress for the remaining checks. We should have just left!!

    This establishment is a prime candidate for one of those reality show restaurant make overs.

    You would be better served just going to the chili joint across the street.

    1. Ouch - that does NOT sound like a great experience! Thank you for sharing though...