Restaurant Review: City Barbeque's new Double Smoked Brisket TaQos

City Barbeque really changed my mind last time I went with their ginormous Big Bone Beef Rib - so I was excited to try their new creation - Tacos!!! (well they call them TaQos). 

I went to the location in Eastgate - it's the closest to me - but they also have spots in Highland Heights, West Chester, Blue Ash & Florence (+ Indiana, Kentucky & North Carolina).

They also have a new app that is pretty cool - it's called City Rewards (Download Info Here). You can find the location closest to you plus...

Get rewards points for purchases ($1 spent = $1 point) and you get $5 for 100 points. And if you've gone before you got the app - you can scan your receipt in so you get your points! Plus there are special offers when you use the app.

City Barbeque was nice enough to throw some $$ on my app (you can do that too) so I would be able  to try their new TaQos. It's really slick how the app works and there wasn't a hitch to be found in it - so I highly recommend it!

I love the extras at City Barbeque - they have really cool sodas (Big Red?!) along with Tea & Lemonade.

They also have dessert! Peach cobbler, banana pudding and Triple Chocolate Cake!!!! Yeah - not on my Weight Watchers plan so I drooled from afar. :-)

The counter is open to you when you come up to order so can see everything as it's coming out. More drool.

And if the sauces are your favorite - you can take a bottle home. I didn't realize they had so many options!

Larry got fries - which I stole a couple of - they're very Penn Station - which means YUM! (The other fries they offer are green beans with bacon, mac & cheese, sweet vinegar slaw, corn pudding, corn bread, hush puppies, greens, potato salad and a side salad - because - of course - it's all about the sides!)

He also has been obsessed with baked beans and I think the world knows that City Barbeque has the best - they have chunks of beef in them and are so thick and dark and rich - oye - so good. He got pulled pork too but I couldn't really focus on that with those beans nearby - again - I stole some.

And then the TaQos! (3 for $9) They are Double Smoked Beef Brisket TaQos and come with some accoutrements to enhance them: blistered jalapeno pepper, lime, pickled red onion and pickles. The Taqos themselves come with the double smoked beef brisket and then this great roasted salsa - with red peppers, corn, onions and so much more I can't even tell you!

You get three TaQos and they're small - but with three they are filling. I also love the toppings - the salsa adds so much but the pickled onion was my absolute favorite! I would definitely get them again.

Thanks to City Barbeque for the gift of dinner and be sure to check out their app so you can start racking up those rewards!
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