Product Review: Mean Green Cleaners

This post is sponsored by Mean Green but all opinions are my own. 

Okay - first of all - how fun is this guy? 
He looks so ominous and yet adorable! 

So here's the thing - I cook and when I cook - I'm a slob. I just have to focus on the food and the ingredients and keeping track of the dogs to make sure they're not stealing anything - that trying to keep it clean along the way just doesn't happen. Messes happen. 

But I'm glad to have been introduced to Mean Green Cleaning products! They are the #1 heavy duty cleaner and I am going to put them to the test as a Brand Ambassador! 

They have a wide variety of products:

* Super Strength - this cleans everything from fabric to concrete and is THE GREASE CUTTER!
* Mildew Destroyer - duh - it cleans mildew! It's also effective against Salmonella and Stephylococcus in just 30 seconds!
* Anti-Bacterial - this lemony scented blast of cleaning power kills bacteria and viruses in 10 minutes but doesn't contain bleach, harsh acids or phosphates
* Orange Champ - this multi-purpose, multi-surface cleaner is tops for grease AND even works on laundry stains! (Did I mention I spill on myself too?)

They've had independent studies done too - it really is the best! Check it out!

I'm already putting Mean Green to the test around my house. Here's a hint of what's to come!

For now - I will leave you with a coupon for Mean Green so you can try it for yourself. You can find Mean Green at Kroger, Family Dollar, Walmart, Lowe's and Dollar General.

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