Bacon Kit, Bacon Mess and Mean Green!

This post is sponsored by Mean Green Cleaners. All opinions are my own. 

You see - I like bacon. A lot.

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I got this bacon kit in the mail and decided to make my own bacon. 

It was pretty easy (another post for another day) but basically you buy a lot of pork belly and put it in a bag and then dump this sugar and cure mixture all over it. Then you leave it in the fridge for a week. 

The bag was a ziploc type of bag - but apparently not perfection with its seal. 

Because it left this muck in my fridge!!

And this. YUCK!

It's so gross and it was everywhere - it was on the shelf, under the glass, in the drawer - everywhere. It was so stuck in there that the glass wouldn't even lift up - I had to take out the whole shelf!

Thankfully - I had just been chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Mean Green cleaners so I had a cupboard full of products waiting to get the job done for me!

I used the Anti-Bacterial and sprayed on the muck and just let it set for a minute or two - just to see how this stuff would work. I mean - cleaners always say it will be easy - but it doesn't always work out that way.

This stuff was great! I did end up taking the shelf out and cleaning it in the sink - but didn't use anything other than the Mean Green. I just let it set and then wipe away! I then rinsed them all off since they were out just to make them super ready to go back in the fridge.

I also felt better about the fact that they were anti-bacterial - you don't want funk in the fridge!!! Mean Green does NOT contain bleach, harsh acids or phosphates - so it's not so harsh on your hands either. It also kills bacteria and viruses in 10 minutes!

There were a couple of spots where it was super stuck on - a long drip on the wall (ew ew ew) and a little blop in the drawer. For that I used the Super Strength and it was Super Gone! No scrubbing - just let it set for a couple of minutes and it wiped right up! I was impressed cuz that goo was thick! 

So while I loved my bacon kit and my 3 pounds of bacon - I did not love the mess! Thankfully - Mean Green took care of it for me. 

And in 20 minutes - I had a spotless fridge!!! Whew! 

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