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Montgomery Inn provided the products shown in this post but all opinions are my own. 

I love ribs and pulled pork - it's one of my favorite food groups - nothing better than piggies smoked and shredded. Awwww...poor piggies. 

The folks at Montgomery Inn sent me a cooler full of their best via They sent me two racks of ribs, two pounds of pulled pork, one bottle of their regular sauce and a bottle of their new Chipotle sauce.

I've used before when I sent Montgomery Inn & Graeters to my friends back home. Everything comes packed in a cooler so it's ready for any climate or distance!

First I made the ribs - I was EXHAUSTED from work and had no idea what I was going to make - especially since my BIL was visiting - so I had another mouth to feed. Then I remembered - Montgomery Inn!!! This was so simple - open the bag - pop them in the oven - eat!

They were fall off the bone delicious! I like my ribs with just dry rub and no sauce but we used the sauce for dipping and I loved the Chipotle sauce! It says hot & spicy but it's not very spicy - it's just got a kick and isn't as sweet as the regular. I really liked it!

There were two racks in that bag and I can tell you - the three of us KILLED those ribs. Gone.

A couple of nights later - boom - same scenario - exhausted, hungry, many mouths - and what's in my fridge? PULLED PORK! This was super simple - it actually has two separate vacuum-sealed packs of sauced, pulled pork. Open the pac - pop it in the microwave - done!

The pork was again - perfect. Tender, juice and perfectly sauced. I served it up with my famous Taco Johns Potato Oles.  This stuff is so simple and tasty - it's a great option to have in the fridge and requires no planning. Hubby and his brother were also very happy - of course when you serve meat & potatoes - that's kind of a given!

Best part of this is - I get to give you the same thing! That's right - Montgomery Inn is giving one of my amazing readers the same pack of goodies I got from! You'll get ribs, pulled pork and their two sauces!

Also - in case you didn't know - Montgomery Inn sauces are now gluten-free and made withOUT high fructose corn syrup.

If you don't want to wait - you can get a great deal on Montgomery Inn from me right now! For just $49.99, you can get 2 slabs of ribs, 1 bottle of traditional and 1 bottle of Chipotle sauce! This is only good until June 15 and is a savings of $15. If you've got friends across the US - this is a FANTASTIC gift! My bff back in Iowa loved taste of Cincinnati!

So get those for friends and enter my giveaway to win some for yourself!

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