Restaurant Review: Flipdaddy's - Newport, KY

For our office, Newport is one of the easiest lunch spots because we can drive there in just a few minutes and we can easily find places with parking lots. So again we decided to try Flipdaddy's - we really want to like it. 

Susie got a wrap - oddly enough to us - they really don't have a lunch menu - at least it doesn't appear they do. She said the wrap was fine.

I was doing Weight Watchers (need to get back on the train) - so I decided to order a grilled chicken sandwich. Well you can also make your own and add things to it - so I added grilled mushrooms and grilled onions to the sandwich and then got asparagus instead of fries.

Looks good - right?

It did taste good too - the mushrooms were plentiful but a little muddied up and overdone. The asparagus was okay - but it was about 1/3 woody - they should have broken off the woody part rather than serve that.

But the price was ridiculous!!! First of all - I get charged $1 to have chicken instead of hamburger - then $1 for mushrooms, $1 for onions and $2 for asparagus - then $2.50 for a soda!! Seriously - 1 soda is like a dime!!! I'm not saying I didn't know the price - I'm just saying when you're trying to eat healthy - it's ridiculous that you end up paying double for it.

Why Should You Go? Well if you like spending too much money - go for it. The food isn't bad - it's not fantastic - but it's fine - we just think it's way overpriced. I've heard good things about their brunch.

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