Restaurant Review: Parkers Blue Ash Chef's Tasting

Recently I was invited to Parkers Blue Ash for a chef's tasting dinner to try out some upcoming menu items with Chef Joel Gregorcyk. Chef Joel came to Parkers last year and has previously been at Local 127. 

Photo Courtesy of Parkers Blue Ash
Parkers is in Blue Ash and is a beautiful setting - it looks like a stately home that would have beautiful stallions out back. And that's a hint to the inside which has a lot of horse history - with saddles, paintings, race memorabilia and more. 

Portobello & ricotta ravioli with a sherry cream sauce - served with Sauvignon Blanc

We started with this ravioli and I really could have just stopped right here. This ravioli was perfect - I am a sucker for mushroom ravioli - then you throw in ricotta and a cream sauce - done! I would get this in a heartbeat!  

Scallops served with a roasted tomato puree on white cheddar grits with charred white & green asparagus - served with Chardonnay

The scallops were next and they were fine. They were a little underdone for me - I did like the grits but it all seemed a bit underseasoned.

Homemade Turkey Burger with chili mayo, pepper jack cheese and avocado - served with Riesling

Next up we had a couple of turkey sliders - which are normally served as a full-size burger. These were surprisingly good - they had a lot of seasoning to jazz up the normally bland ground turkey and had ample toppings. If you are looking for a good turkey burger - this is it.

Smoked Prime Meatloaf with ground beef & smoked bacon with smashed potatoes and green beans - served with Cabernet

This dish brought up the biggest variety in opinion at the table - it was a meatloaf made of a 50/50 mix of ground beef and bacon. I thought the bacon really came through strong - especially in the aroma. I found it to be a really nice take on meatloaf while others didn't like it at all. I think if you really like meatloaf - you should give it a try.

Pork chops with honey balsamic glazed carrots and a pea puree - served with Pinot Noir

The pork chops were a little underwhelming - they tasted fine and were prepared well but the most memorable part of the plate was that glazed carrot. It was Chef Joel's take on his grandmother's pork chops that she would always make him - so that did add a nice sentimentality to the dish.

Maple Sugar Cotton Candy served with Prosecco 

Lastly we had the cotton candy - it was a pretty presentation but I just don't like cotton candy. I tried a bite and didn't have my mind changed. Other fans of cotton candy killed it for the entire table.

Why Should You Go? Well - honestly - this tasting didn't do Parkers justice for me. I've been on my own and their steak is worth the visit on it's own (Certified Angus of course). There were parts of this I enjoyed - but for me the best was by far the ravioli.

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