Product Review: Burger King Mac N Cheetos & Grilled Dogs

Oh Burger King - how could I resist you? 

That's right - I did it - I tried the Mac N Cheetos that they came out with last week. Why would I do this? Well - I really like orange cheese. Kraft Mac & Cheese is my favorite food ever - and somehow I thought that was inside. Yeah - that's pretty much all it took.

So there it is - the magic box...they were super fresh which I think is probably a fortunate thing.

Now they had to tell me it was DANGEROUSLY cheesy - what the hell does that mean? Am I going to run in traffic after eating them?

So I opened the container and out came these crunchy orange blobs. There's no aroma to speak of - they're very firm - and very orange.

After eating - we were all (oh yes - I subjected multiple people to this) a bit disappointed in the lack of cheese flavor. The mac & cheese portion was fine - but the crunchy coating didn't taste a bit like Cheetos. It just tasted like fried mac & cheese bites - which isn't a bad thing. There was a bit of an after taste...but we found a way to combat that...

Hot sauce! Just as we were about to head to BK - my coworker said, "I bet they'll be better with hot sauce!" Oddly enough I had a mini-bottle of hot sauce on my desk - so I grabbed it. Turns out - Timmy was right! They were a lot better with hot sauce! And I really don't put hot sauce on stuff but they really helped these.

To which we overheard the next table say, "They should make these with Flaming Hot Cheetos!!"


I will add that while people were wary of the calories - they actually have less calories than a medium fry! (310 cal/13 fat vs 380/17)

In addition to the Mac n Cheetos - I got one of their new Grilled Dogs - they have a Classic and a Chili Cheese Dog. I went for the Classic - (ketchup, mustard, relish, onion) - I just felt like the Chili Cheese would kick my a$$ all afternoon.

And I'll say - it was a really good hot dog! I don't often get hot dogs at restaurants - except for Gold Star - but I was in the mood and it did not disappoint. I would definitely dog it up again!

And yes - I wrangled 3 coworkers into trying the Mac N Cheetos with me - the BK employee couldn't believe how many were selling - three guys after us got them too.

All in all - it's not bad (which it very well could have been) but it wasn't great either. Pocket some hot sauce if you try them to make them a little better.

(and yes - I bought these myself)

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