Product Review + Giveaway: 100 Good Deeds

This is my friend Jamie. She is a firecracker!!! She is the owner of Dancing for the Fun of Fit - a fitness studio in Milford. She teaches Zumba, FXP Hula Hoop Fitness and Belly Dance. 

There are so many things I admire about Jamie - I can't even count them. She's always happy and positive. There's something else about her - you see she's the owner of the gym - so she has to be nice to everybody. EVERYBODY. That is not easy. I mean - I know how I am when I come to the gym - I'm grumpy. I hate exercise. I do it begrudgingly but it's awful. I'm high maintenance - I'm loud - I'm just a pain in the butt - and yet every time I come - she's nice to me. She's encouraging and friendly and just a damn peach! 

To me - every time she's nice to someone that she'd really like to strangle (I'm probably #1 on the list) - I consider that she's doing a good deed. And here's the thing with Jamie - she's not just doing it because she wants their business - she's just a sweet person and she wants to help people. And she knows by providing a warm and friendly face for people to come to when they're doing something they probably don't want to do - it takes the edge off and makes it not so awful to come back! 

So I wanted to do something nice for my Jamie! I got these cool bracelets from Macy's called 100 Good Deeds. They're handmade by women in developing countries and are promoting doing good deeds. And if any good deed doer deserves a cute bracelet - it's Jamie!

The 100 Good Deeds are made by vulnerable women, many HIV+, who've been trained for this work in countries like Uganda, Zambia, South Africa and more. It gives the women a way to support their families and empowers them to do good deeds around the world.

The bracelet is made of 100 beads, nylon braided cord and a rubber band and is available at Macy's - they also soften with time. They have a lot of charitable programs like this such as these Path to Peace baskets I've blogged about before.

There's a significance to the bracelet containing 100 beads - it's to encourage you to do 100 Good Deeds. Each time you do a good deed - you move the little rubber ring over one bead. 

Mary Fisher, the designer of the 100 Good Deeds Bracelets, and the face of the movement, believes that “a ‘good deed’ means we’ve gone out of our way to help someone, and only counts if the deed remains anonymous.” These bracelets are not only a fashion statement, but also an everyday reminder to its wearer to do good deeds.

The cool thing too is that the bracelets are hand-signed by the woman that made them - and designate the country they are in.

Macy's has these bracelets available for just $30 and in 9 colors. I love the red! They sent me 3 bracelets - one for me (I chose Pewter), one for Jamie (she chose Grigio) and ONE FOR YOU (in Dusk). I think the price is very affordable too for a bracelet that promotes such a great movement and is cute too! So head on over to Macy's and pick your bracelet - then enter to win one from me - so you can give it to someone that does good deeds in your life!

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